Uncle Joe Day

As I posted a few days ago, come hell or high water, my daughter and I were determined to make it to a rally for our Democratic candidate for Senate, Doug Jones, in our statewide special election.

Since many of my readers aren’t from my state, Alabama, let me give just a quick overview of the reasons why:

  • Though I hate our nation being stuck (at the moment, I suspect not for long) with Jeff Sessions, that doesn’t change the fact that I voted against him in my home state for many years to no avail and am hopeful that this special election will see a much better candidate, Doug Jones, in his seat.
  • Unfortunately, the GOP in our state has seen fit to run Roy Moore, a man TWICE thrown out of our State Supreme Court. Needless to say, this has only made the situation that much more pressing.
  • I remember celebrating when Doug Jones, then a US Attorney, was able to bring some of those responsible for the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing to justice. Though it took forty years, it was truly wonderful to get to see it. I believe he will be an outstanding representative for our state.
  • And, finally, as Doug has been friends for many years with Vice President Biden, the VP was coming to fundraise and speak at the rally today. And Sara and I LOVE us some Joe Biden.

Soooo. . .

The hell and the high water came in the form of:

The RA flare that just won’t let go –

jb blog 7

And two of my crew ending up back in the ER last night with plague, including Sara’s persistent GI issues, and then getting no sleep –

jb 8

Still, Uncle Joe Day is Uncle Joe Day and we were not to be deterred.

The doors to the event were set to open at 10 AM so we got there at around 7:30 AM and got in line:

This was also our first large-ish outing with Shadrach with Rollator and – since doors didn’t actually open until 10:30 AM so we were outside for three hours – I am so so thankful for him!

At 10:30, we went inside, went through security, and were sent to the ADA section, where we were seated comfortably. In fact, the entire time we were there, even while outside waiting in line, the Jones Campaign Staff was so spoonie friendly and helpful and we were very appreciative (hours of sit and wait aren’t easy on a flaring body – even with Shadrach – and moving to chairs made it more bearable as well!).

The rally started at 12 PM and at around 12:45 PM Doug Jones came onto the stage with Vice President Biden.

And Uncle Joe was wonderful – and totally worth trekking through with our ailments.

He was as sweet, smart, funny, and endearing as we always expect that he is.

And he did a wonderful job of campaigning for Doug Jones.

It was just an amazing experience for Sara and for me too.

Hopefully, we will be able to rest and heal and carry on with our field trip plans for Saturday as well!

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. ❤️💜💛💚💙

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