jack kerouac was right (sometimes you do just need to get on the road)

I realized this morning that, with a couple of really heavy posts about things that have been going on lately, I failed to finish my post about our fabulous road trip to see my bestie last week.

I am so ridiculously lucky and blessed to have my bestie of 25 years or so – and she just moved MUCH closer! – so my youngest and I set out on our first official road trip together, just us, for a visit.

And we had the most wonderful time:

We got to spend time with Ginny, which ALWAYS restoreth my soul.

We got to hang out with her awesome husband, who made us amazing food and is so so funny.

We got to meet her newest fur baby, Wellington, who is the funniest cat I have EVER seen:

Though it had been raining, we headed to the Nashville Zoo (deciding we wouldn’t melt). However, it stopped when we got there, so we got dry weather and the zoo to ourselves!

And, for some crazy animal ladies, the most fantastical thing ever: we got to walk around with, and pet (!!!!) the kangaroos!!! Since it had been a rainy day, they weren’t all people’d out. Gahhh!!!

Ginny and the Roo
Sara and the Roo
Me and the Roo

Super exciting for all of us – and just fab to be together.

Ginny and Sara
Ginny, me, and a Roo.

In addition to the zoo, we got to hang out, catch up, play games, and Sara got to hear many stories from our younger days. So much fun.

I’m already stoked for our next road trip, this time together, next month.

Lego, bestie! 🙂

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