come to Jesus day with my rheumy

I’ve written often about the health challenges I’m facing right now.

Apart from the broken feet (as if they weren’t enough), the rest of me has been getting progressively worse.

The pain in my ankles, knees, right hip, spine, and hands has been truly terrible recently and I’ve been losing some function in those joints as well.

RA (also known as RD) is a beast.

disability blog 2

Today, I called and was given a work in appointment with my rheumy, where I greeted him with a list of all that is going awry (because it is so easy to forget some things when seated in the office) and I also took Sara, the brains of this operation, to help out.

After reviewing everything, examining me, and discussing the list with Sara and me, he made several changes:

  • He added a new, much stronger RA med to my regimen that I haven’t taken before because I was providing direct patient care and it would have suppressed my immune system too much.
  • He adjusted my pain management.
  • He agreed to assistive devices that I have been struggling to even consider, but, unfortunately, I do need.
  • He ordered a bone scan to evaluate the state of my bones now, so we can begin to address the cause of all these fractures.
  • He wrote for handicapped parking, which I also hate to utilize, but also need.

disability blog

He also gave some advice regarding disability, which I am still adjusting to but doing much better with.

Also, unfortunately, stopping my Prednisone – the cause of my bone weakness – right now is just not an option but we do currently have it down to a reasonable level at least.

The final note from today’s visit is a vanity issue that I am going to have to work on but it is one that is a big deal to me: my new RA med (combined with my chemo drug that I will be staying on) REALLY increases the likelihood that I will lose most or all of my hair.


I know that is a small price to pay if this significantly helps my RA. And I am VERY thankful for a new stronger med.

Still, with all the other physical changes, it’s a lot to take in.

So I have a few super fab rainbow (since I no longer have dress codes) wigs on emergency standby in my Amazon cart.

And my new life verse for my new life appeared today:

disability blog5

And I’m just going to keep on praying and trusting and pushing through.

disability blog 4

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. 💜❤️💛💚💙

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