With the tragedy in Las Vegas weighing heavily on my mind and the suffering of the people of Puerto Rico always on my heart, the political ugliness on social media has really troubled me today.

And my thoughts have been racing, so hard to take in such a heinous act and such hatred.

And what keeps coming to my mind is the word sanctuary.

Sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety.

And, like every good church camp kid, I remember the song that we still sing every time we find ourselves at Camp Sumatanga (my happy place):

Lord, prepare me

To be a sanctuary 

Pure and holy, tried and true

With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living

Sanctuary, for You

And I think now how desperately this aching world needs for us to be sanctuaries, not only for God, but for each other, a safe place for our neighbors to be welcomed with open hearts and open arms.

I also think about the movement that began with the presidential election of wearing a safety pin on your clothing, to show that you were a safe place, a sanctuary, for everyone.

I still wear mine every day on my charm necklace with other things that are meaningful to me:

sanctuary 2

And I realize that now, more than ever, giving sanctuary to each other matters more than anything else we can do in this divisive, hate-filled time.

People matter.

People come first.

The people of Puerto Rico, the people of Las Vegas, the people who live next door to me.

May I be a safe place for those who need it.


Be well, everybody.

Love and light.

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