erma bombeck

This Erma Bombeck essay from years ago has been on my heart for the past several weeks since our friend Ryan passed away so unexpectedly.

I think it is because a month or so before he got sick, he and I had messaged about getting our families together for an evening and I just never got myself – or my house – together to do so.

Big picture, I have no doubt that he knew how much I and my herd loved him. I just wish we had gotten in one more game night. But, honestly, if we had? I still would have wanted more. Our family game nights together were the best.

Still, my eyes have been opened to what matters. And, when it comes to visitors, someone coming by is already going to be one of our people. So perfection is not required.

Today has been a sickly day in that I seem to be fighting off a regular people bug and trying to still get rid of this flare. Yuck. So I didn’t get up and check my phone until about 1 PM. And when I did I had a message from my bestie in Tennessee who is out of school on Fall Break this week asking if tomorrow would be a good day to come down and visit.

Well, my house isn’t great. And we’ll need to spend the day piled up on my bed with my Henry, watching Christmas movies, talking, and ordering pizza for lunch. . .  But YES, PLEASE.

I shall NEVER turn down a bestie visit. And I’m sure she won’t care at all about the state of my house (and she’s going to love her god-dog, Henry. I just know it.).

Then, tonight, my Daddy called and wanted to run down to bring some things for my plague. And, of course, the house had not miraculously improved. And I looked a little like whodunit. But I told him to please come anyway.

my laurabug took the first Christmas picture of my Henry and me while we were waiting on my daddy to arrive. love my superpup.

And we had the BEST visit, sitting by the Christmas tree, just talking. And he got to meet Henry.

I’m so glad he came by.

So I won’t be turning down anymore visits due to messy house – or messy me for that matter.

Our people come first.

find your tribe

Be well, everybody.

Love and light.



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