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so so many gratitudes.

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I just woke from a long-ish winter’s nap (five or so hours?) and I’m sitting here next to a snoring Wonderpup and we are all wrapped up in our toastys because it’s actually cold this morning (I love it when cold holidays actually are – never a sure thing in Alabama,…

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Christmas at our house was really wonderful for the most part, as I’ve already shared. And, after I posted, Christmas morning was amazing too: After that, my husband and I started preparing for our oldest daughter to return home, and, as could have been predicted,  that was not without drama and heartache: She did not…

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makin’ plans for 2018

As you know if you’ve even glanced at any of my recent blogs, I am super stoked for Christmas. In fact, Miracle on 34th Street is playing in the background as I write.  I can’t wait! But, today, I’m also thinking a bit beyond Christmas joy for a minute to 2018 and doing some goal…

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