pushing on through.

This is definitely how I’m feeling right now.

We have now had flu and sickness in our house for two weeks and I have been to the emergency room with sick kids and a puny or damaged me a total of six times in that span of time – including twice in one day (yesterday).

It. Has. Been. Hell.

Now, for our family, our eldest is finally better, our youngest is still coughing like crazy and feeling awful, my husband is still trying not to get it, and our son will come home from visiting his dad today and hopefully stay healthy.


As for me, I’ve managed to more or less stay sick for the past two weeks but now I seem to be much worse with some type of RA flare that is really aggressive – my hands not working well and are very painful, my hips and knees are extremely stiff and painful, my spine is on fire, and my balance is off.

With all of this, my resting heart rate has run amok:

And my sleep patterns have been terrible since I can’t seem to get this pain under control:

So, I shouldn’t have been too surprised, given how things have been going healthwise for us, when I stepped out of bed a couple of mornings ago and my “good” foot – the right one – was throbbing and clicking when I walked. After waiting for a day to see if it was just something crazy from when I slept, I had it checked out, and, yes, I again have two broken feet.

If you haven’t been reading long, due to the prednisone I have been taking – and have been unable to stop – for my RA, my feet just spontaneously stress fracture at times. I don’t have to DO anything to them. And my left foot already had fractures of the second and fourth metatarsal.

Now, with the difficulty I am having walking due to this flare, and the broken feet, every one’s great great grandma could outrun me.

The ER doc put me back on Shadrach the Rollator and sent me back to ortho ASAP – but I already had an appointment next week to check on the broken left foot anyway.

Of course, I have been so upset about this foot situation.

On the very day it started, I got this in the mail from my old nursing agency:

As I love pediatric nursing and wanted to work the same schedule as the kids, I always wanted a school nurse position. Now they have several in my county and the adjoining county as well. Now that I can’t work.

I had a good cry over that.

And then I got another notice of the SAME THING in the mail the next day.

In case I had forgotten.

And I had a brief crazy thought that maybe, somehow, I could still do that type of nursing. . . But then I remembered that I’m not making it from the bedroom to the kitchen very well right now so it seems unlikely. . .

This isn’t meant to be a bummer of a post, just an honest one.

I will manage with the broken feet, as I have done before, and I will be able to get around better once we get this awful flare under control.

I have several doctors appointments next week to deal with all of this.

And I’m finally going to get back to church tomorrow, even if I am a hop along. I am so ready for Church Day.

My Coaching Myself Week 2 Update is due as well:

Obviously, this past week was about survival in our house – and that’s okay too.

But, as I would tell anyone else who survived the couple of weeks from hell, it’s time to get going again.

So I’ve got our meals planned and my swim days on the calendar (and my joints will appreciate those).

I am also really stepping up my self care in terms of hot baths and extra rest and that sort of thing.

I’ll weigh in at the end of next week – I’ve had so many extra steroids that I just plain don’t want to know right now.

And I am trusting that it will all be okay.

Be well, everybody. Happy Weekend!

Grace and blessings.

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