After a helluva couple of days, I’m up late, drinking a La Croix, doing some reading and pinning, in our cozy bed at the Lake with Henry and my better half asleep next to me, Sara asleep in the next room, and Mom and Pop asleep downstairs.

Earlier tonight, my sweet husband went to our friends’ rehearsal dinner and our GJ met us and brought Sara and I up to the Lake, so we got to spend time with her too. ❤️

And, finally, the triple dose of injections started working. and my pain has come back to a tolerable level.

Once we got settled in, Mom made her amazing meatloaf and potato salad just for us and we talked and talked.

When the sleepies hit, I came upstairs and took a long (much needed) nap.

Then I went downstairs and visited some more.

I’m so thankful. ❤️

Even though I’m not 100 percent, God definitely knew what was coming this week and that a trip home was just what the doctor ordered.

It has me on the mend for sure.

So, tomorrow, we are off for a day of wedding festivities – except Henry, who will spend the day with Mom and Pop (he’s just crazy about them).

Thank God for a shift in the right direction.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.


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