dreams do come true.

I’m just up from a long day of sleep because last night this old lady pulled an all nighter finishing all of my modules for nutrition school.

That’s right – I am done. And I am so stinkin’ proud of myself.

See, as I was looking through my phone the other day, I came across this:

I had saved this from my school’s Insta – which I followed for a long time, never dreaming I would get to attend – back in September of 2016, eight months before I was able to begin classes.

And I feel so incredibly blessed that my long to-do list now is all about working on my new coaching practice.

And then there is this, my blog post from the day I enrolled in IIN:


And, now, I’m graduating.

After all of the struggles, giving up my career because of my disability, I am just overcome with gratitude for this.

And I am so thankful to my precious family for all they have done to help me get through.

And, now, today I got to order my set of school business cards:

And I am ready to start my practice.

What is this life?

Thank you, Lord, for all of this.

Be well, everybody. Happy Thursday!

Grace and blessings.




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