these are a few (or a dozen?) of my favorite things. a love list.

Y’all, it was a rough weekend with the situation I wrote about in my previous post and then a really unwelcome health report from a dear friend’s oncologist (that we are praying so so hard about) and then some physical challenges when I was serving at church (when I discovered I can’t even do the simple clean up after being with my babies because my hands can’t take down the swings and my hips lock up on the floor when I’m trying to clean toys to the point that I have to rest on a bench during the trip to my car).

So I was really bummed.

However, Monday brought a wonderful lunch with my amazing cousin, Blair, and my Sara Bug, then some happy mail (the cutest lil’ weenie dog ring holder!!!) from my friend Lauren in Florida, then a great night with my better half and Henry the Wonderpup.

And I knew it was time to get grateful (like Pastor Mark suggested on Sunday, when we find ourselves in a funk) and make a love list.

And goodness knows I have plenty to be grateful for.

So here are a few (or a dozen?) of my favorite things:

My amazing husband, Courtney, and our precious Sara, and all of our adventures together. Despite the health challenges we face, we have a wonderful life. And I have these wonderful people. God is so good and I am so blessed to get to do life with them. I love them more than I have words.

Our Wonderpup, Henry. Not only is he my Emotional Support Animal, he is our baby. He stays with me constantly and is such a joy. I’ve always wanted a lil’ weenie dog and having him as a companion has made this year, with my new physical limitations, so much more bearable. I always say God knew I needed a Henry because the way we ended up with him could have only been a God thing.

Also, as a reminder, he is a rescue and we adopted him as an adult dog (he is four years old). If you are considering adding to your family, please consider your local shelter. You’ll be so glad you did. I encourage everyone to look there for the Love of their Doggie Life.

My precious family. We had the best time getting to see Blair today, and, though I don’t get to see my Aunt Barbie as often as I’d like, I love getting to stay in touch with her almost daily through our social media. It just makes my heart smile. I am so thankful for them!

My precious family – part two (Mom, Pop, & GJ). They are just amazing. Y’all have no idea. We are so so blessed.

My fantastical bestie since I was fourteen, Ginny. This is actually us in front of our high school. I love her so much and she is godmother to my herd as well. I am so lucky.

My precious bestie and spoonie sister, Al. We have been through the great and the absolute pure hell together. She understands the things without even having to say the things. I just freaking love her and am so grateful for her. That is all.

Our house was a MAJOR fixer upper when we bought it and my husband has worked SO incredibly hard to turn it in to the cozy Hippie Hut of my dreams. And it is wonderful. Since I am home most of the time (and I’m not complaining – I love our home), he made it just perfect. In the past few weeks, we’ve even been able to open it up to where our cat, Mick, and Henry the Wonderpup can freely run everywhere now and I love it so much. I am so grateful both for our home and for my phenomenal husband who loves me so well.

I’m thankful for lots of little things as well.

I was introduced to oils several years ago when I worked with my friend, Tonya, who used to put Valor on a cotton ball and stick it in my fan in my office during stressful days when I worked in Mental Health. Then, when I had to stop working, another friend reintroduced me to them. And I am so glad she did.

My oils help so much with my anxiety – especially my Valor. And I love my Oola Grow for studying. And my Abundance for perfume. And my citrus oils for my water. Heck, I have an oil for everything. Yep, I’m that lady. I’m so thankful for them.

This was mid-point certificate from school – and, in two weeks, I will graduate! I have already completed my minimum requirements but I still have some more modules to complete (because, of course, I’m going to complete all of my work). I am thankful for all I have learned and I am stoked to start my practice. This whole process has been a huge blessing.

I love cooking – and I love that Sara is enjoying cooking with me. Starting this week, we are going through my cookbooks and cooking our healthy meals together. We are experimenting to see if we can improve some of our symptoms as well. I imagine I may well be doing some food/health blogging about this project and I am stoked. I am thankful for this new thing to work on and the time with her.

I am a huge reader and I am thankful for a ton of books waiting on me right now. Some of them are just personal growth, many of them are coaching related, a few of them are just for fun. . . I can’t wait to read them all. I am so thankful to have so much to look forward to.

I’ve never been a big TV person, but, when I’m anxious or having severe pain (so, pretty often), I need a happy distraction. I am thankful for my all time favorite funny, Psych, and my new love, Queer Eye, as they both bring me so much joy.

I love this picture because it represents several things I am thankful for: our church, relaxing and being a big kid, and singing the Veggie Tales songs (which, unfortunately for my family, I do).

It’s always good to look forward to things and this is me and my Henry dressed up for Halloween. I love Fall. I love decorating the house, burning autumn candles, dressing up for Halloween, the works. I look forward to it every year and plan for it year round. Another biggie on my love list.

And Christmas is the same. Last year, after the tragic loss of a dear friend, I instituted a policy of decorating for Christmas on November 1st so I can enjoy it for two months and I will be sticking with it. Life is too short not to enjoy the things we love to the fullest.

I adore art. I love to go to museums. I love to visit shops and find local art. I love discovering treasures while I’m thrifting.

I love to be surrounded by it.

This awesome design was created by a photographer I love – I follow her on Insta – and then a consignment/thrift site that I send clothes to printed it on a limited number of recycled shirts as an Earth Day fundraiser.

Well, I was fortunate enough to: 1. have some credit from sending them some clothes that I had,  ummm, outgrown and 2. get the last plus sized shirt available.

And I am stoked. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

It’s the little things.

I am so blessed.

And, last but not least, there’s this. I come here. I am working on my book. I dreamed of being a writer my whole life and now I get to write.

How can I be anything but grateful for this?

So, thank you, Pastor Mark. I do feel better after making an actual list.

And I could list for days.

I am a truly blessed woman.

God has been so good to me.

Be well, everybody. Go make your lists.

Grace and blessings.


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