So, it turns out I’m Lorelai after all

Without getting into the awful details, we had a terrible episode with my son last night. It was unbelievable. Honestly, it has probably been a long time coming. . . But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

He is now at his father’s house.

And my husband, who worked all day on no sleep, is finally resting.

And my youngest daughter, who has been busting her tail all day working against a school deadline while keeping an eye on me, is also finally in bed.

And my pain has been AWFUL today – which I could have predicted with such an upsetting day yesterday.

So I’ve been in bed pretty much constantly today, napping on and off.

And now, our oldest daughter, who unfortunately was a witness to the craziness last night, is piled up in bed next to me, watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

I’m not much of a TV person but a favorite thing of mine is picking a great series and watching it through with my family. My husband and I have watched The Big Bang Theory, How I Meet Your Mother and Modern Family together, to name a few. Sara, our youngest, and I have watched Stranger Things and Queer Eye.

And so, tonight, Laura and I started Gilmore Girls. Since she has seen the earlier episodes, we are watching the new ones and then we will circle back and I’ll pick up the older ones.

After all these years of hearing that I’m Lorelai, it turns out it’s true. From the coffee to the food to the dog dressing and special doggie meals to all the crazy pop culture references to the Christmas obsession, it’s true.

But more importantly, I really needed to enjoy a good Netflix and late night pizza fest with my fam. Very much badly.

And there have been some other great things too like exciting developments with my business:

I have my final business name and logo chosen and our first conference in about ten days. There is lots of (really great) work to be done.

So, as with all hard things (like this with my son), I’m just digging in and hanging on and doing the things I can do.

And getting my Gilmore on.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.


  1. I’m so sorry you had a rough day. My daughter and I find shows to binge while we snuggle. That’s our “thing”. We LOVED Gilmore Girls and always said that I’m Lorelai and she is Rory. We also LOVED Parenthood. Currently we are watching Friday Night Lights.

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  2. First of all and probably the least important part of my comment, I love the Gilmore Girls, but have not seen any episodes lately! Secondly and most important, I am SO sorry that you had a difficult day! I am glad your daughter was there for you, it sounds like she is a sweet girl just like her mother. I hate to read you had such awful pain. Isn’t it crazy how much an upsetting time can cause us SO much additional pain? I hate that because it is sometimes hard to avoid. I hope you start feeling much better soon and you are able to have a lovely Thursday. I will be sending you positive vibes, love and comfort!


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