beauty for ashes

There is a show that I think airs on The CW (originally) called My Last Days. As the title implies, it films people who are suffering from terminal illnesses. Normally, as someone who suffers from a chronic illness and who has worked with many terminally ill patients, this show would not be my jam.

And I won’t be permanent viewer.

However, I’ve been drawn into a couple of the stories on My Last Days and I want to share them with y’all.

First, the reason the show came on my radar in the first place and our miracle: my spoonie friend, Chanel, who was not expected to live much longer due to severe scleroderma, was filmed and will be featured in an upcoming episode. Since her filming, however, she received a stem cell transplant that has resulted in a total turnaround in her health. We have no idea how long this will last but it is amazing and we are all giving thanks. As soon as her episode is available, I will share it here, and I would ask that you all keep her in your prayers.

The other story I want to share with all of you touched my heart in a big way.

Ryan Woods was actually the first story featured on My Last Days and he passed away in 2012. However, he and his wife, Jessica, are just amazingly uplifting people and their testimony is so moving. The first video is the short “My Last Days” clip; the second is their story and testimony; the third is the last conversation the director had with them before Ryan passed away. Their spirit and faith is incredible. Even though his prognosis is sad, they are not sad people. Please take some time to watch these.

We live in a broken world and God is the God of beauty. He says, “This is broken but watch what I can do out of it and watch how I am going to make this beautiful.” – Jessica Woods

Our God is the God of beauty for ashes.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.

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