what is a highly allergic, celiac spoonie supposed to eat anyway?

Using my training as a nurse and an integrative nutritionist, I have been doing some serious reading and documentary viewing and major research for a client I’m really partial to, trying to sort out the best dietary approach to helping to heal some major health problems.

This client has seen one disorder compound another, and then the medications used to treat the illnesses cause even more issues. For example, the pronounced weight gain from one medication worsened her symptoms dramatically and eventually lead to diabetes. The same medication also weakened her bones and lead to multiple fractures, which further increased her pain and decreased her mobility, complicating the picture even more.

As no medication has successfully slowed her disease progression from her original problem, she is looking for a dietary solution that will accommodate all of her dietary restrictions and help her body heal.

And I really, really, desperately want to help her as quickly as possible.

Because she. . . is me.

While I continue to take my medications as prescribed – and wean off this infernal prednisone – I am going to use my training in diet and natural therapies to help myself.

Of course, with my multitude of allergies and diagnosis, my diet is really restricted.

I have actual celiac disease – so I have to avoid gluten at all costs.

As for food allergies, I am allergic to eggs, oats, soy, coffee, duck, and mushrooms.

I have also been diagnosed with diabetes, due to long-term prednisone therapy, so a low-carb/no sugar diet is necessary.

Additionally, a diet for weight loss is ideal because losing weight would likely resolve the diabetes as well as helping my joints.

Needless to say, it’s a tall order for this diet.

After much research, I believe I have found a protocol that fits the bill (to my great shock and delight): the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol.

Not only will it work with all of my dietary restrictions, I am convinced that it is scientifically solid and has been successful for many autoimmune patients. While it may not be a miracle cure (I am always highly skeptical of those), I believe it can help me accomplish weight loss and maybe even help me stabilize my disease process.


Based on all that I have watched and read, I am tremendously hopeful – and this is just the beginning. I have so much more to learn.

First stop? Our town’s relatively new Farmer’s Market for some fresh veggies in the morning. Then I’m going to load the crock pot with some meats (thank you sooo much, Mom & GJ! – our family sends the BEST care packages!) & have a fabulous weekend of football and church with my better half.

Be well, everybody. Roll Tide & Who Dat!

Grace and Blessings.


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