going all in on the AIP protocol

As a nutrition nerd, having decided to go with the autoimmune paleo protocol (AIP), I have started really studying it. I learned about it in nutrition school, but as part of my overall program, with many other protocols, so not in the great detail that I will need to apply it – and hopefully to teach it to other people if the results are what I expect they will be.

When I first began considering it, I was watching a documentary – that is included with Amazon Prime – called Food As Medicine:

This documentary is really informative for anyone battling autoimmune disease and I encourage everyone to watch it.

One of the experts who is interviewed throughout the the film is Sarah Ballentyne, PhD. Her area of expertise is the autoimmune paleo protocol, both as a researcher and having followed it herself to heal her own autoimmune disease. I was really impressed with her knowledge and wanted to learn more from her.

After I decided to try the Paleo diet, last night, I ordered two short books on my Kindle app with just basic information on the Paleo diet and some simple recipes.

This book had all of the basic information, plus simple paleo meal plans for anyone who is interested. It is only paleo, not AIP:

This book was only a couple of dollars and I purchased it for a few of the recipes that I really wanted that I think will be helpful along the way (but I will probably post those here so it really isn’t necessary to buy this one πŸ˜‰ ) :

After I read through both books, I was sure this plan would be possible for me.

I then went looking for more information from Sarah Ballantyne and about the AIP protocol specifically. I found that Sarah has a wealth of information available on her Pinterest and I followed her right away:

I also purchased her textbook, The Paleo Approach, to read. It was a bit pricey in print form but super affordable in the Kindle app – so the Kindle form was the one for me:

That will keep me busy for several days – and isn’t necessary for someone just seeking to follow the plan. As I said, as a health coach and nutrition nerd, I am hoping to have great results and get to teach others about this as well, so I am happily geeking out. πŸ˜‰

After all of that, I got some rest, and, this morning, Sara and I made our way to our local farmer’s market, where we found some yummy veggies, fresh salsa, and the BEST garlic pickles on the planet:


paleo 5

Also, with the AIP emphasis on gut health, Sara and I finally decided to give kombucha a go – and I am a convert:

Of course, my better half and I made dinner and cheered on our Crimson Tide with Henry tonight as well:

Now, it’s time for some reading with Steel Magnolias in the background and rest. My right hip, left foot, and lower spine are absolutely terrible right now so tomorrow will be a day of online church, Saints football, reading, and rest.

Here’s to getting healthy and learning new things!

Be well, everybody. Happy Sunday!

Grace and blessings.


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