easy like sunday morning (and afternoon too)

Since I’ve been having some major issues with my hip as well as my lower spine and left foot, as well as some seriously tail-kicking fatigue, I spent most of my Sunday napping. It was what my body desperately needed and sometimes spoonie bodies just say “enough.”

When I did get going, my better half took Sara and I took Publix to pick up the ingredients for an AIP dinner – and to give Henry the Wonderpup his daily ride. 😀

While we were there, we discovered that the Big Easy Bucha, straight out of NOLA, was BOGO, which was perfect for Saints Gameday Sunday (Who Dat!):

Both flavors were fabulous and I will definitely be purchasing again.

As for dinner, I LOVE rice and risotto and tonight was my first attempt at cauliflower rice and I was so pleased with how it turned out. It was so good. Our whole family tasted and liked it! Yay!

So, for my whole meal, I had chicken breast, cauliflower rice, and roasted asparagus:

Not only was it delicious, but the best part was my blood sugar about an hour after I ate:

I am so so happy about this! It’s a great sign for the AIP protocol for sure!

After dinner, I had a great evening of watching movies with my better half and Henry the Wonderpup.

Now I’m up doing some reading and menu planning for the week, as well as planning some projects for myself, including updating my vision board for the start of my AIP lifestyle change (recommended by my paleo book), doing some home projects each day – that I want to do but have to REALLY space out and take slowly (like some work on my perma-Christmas tree in my office), writing a piece I need to get sent off, and plenty of reading and documentary watching I intend to fit in. Lots to do and learn!

Be well, everybody. Happy Early Monday, y’all!

Grace and Blessings.





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