a laid out spoonie – but on the mend.

Do y’all remember that post from yesterday about how I was feeling better? The one I wrote and then hopped up and cleaned out my fridge – a major undertaking that I should have-  but didn’t – ask for help with – and did some other things that I desperately needed to do around my house. . . and I kept pushing myself to finish, even though my body was crying uncle, and, when I finally did stop, I knew I was in trouble . . .

Needless to say, after I was a big dummy and overdid it, there was no cooking – but lots of sleeping – for my Friday.

However, when I woke up from my evening sleep, I found the most amazing gift from my Mom, Pop, and GJ:

Oh. My. Word. I’ve wanted one forever and am so stinking excited!

This is like Santa came on September 21st and it’s perfect for my Paleo cooking – especially on my high pain days when I can’t stand for long in the kitchen. My family is the BEST!

My husband and I (and Henry, of course =D ) are actually travelling today – to visit our family (yay!!!) – but tomorrow I will be playing with it for sure!

I also did my final weigh in for this week and it was really encouraging:

This is even while still working on my Pred reduction. I am so thankful!

After our travel day today, Sunday will be all about church (online, I’m sure, as the day after travel, I always need a rest day) and studying. I’ve just started diving into my Paleo Nutritionist program and next week will be lots of school work and cooking! I can’t wait!

From IIN – my alma mater.

Have the BEST weekend, y’all! Roll Tide and Who Dat!

Grace and Blessings.

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