sick season is here.

I woke up to the plague yesterday morning.

It’s “just a cold” to a normal human – but I’m not a normal human anymore. I’m immunosuppressed due to a combination of RA meds.

So I feel like I have the most terrible case of the flu I’ve ever had in my life – though it’s not the flu. I started doing some research as to how I’m going to deal with this upcoming cold and flu season on much higher doses of my RA meds than I was on during this time last year and came across this meme which lets me know I’m not alone:

Plague, I tell you.

I did find a helpful article from someone who is immunosuppressed due to MS meds and will be using some of her tips for sure:

One thing that I am having to accept is how quickly things have changed for me. It has not been long ago that my amazing nurse immune system protected me from everything. I could take care of flu patients and myco patients and pretty much anything else that came my way and just keep going.

Now I’m pretty sure I literally caught a cold going to Whole Foods and it has Laid. Me. Out.

I am so blessed and lucky to have my family taking care me. My husband has been looking after me and so has my sweet Sara. My day has looked like this:

I was thankful for online church before I fell out for most of the day with my Henry.

One thing I want mention to everyone that has been heavy on my heart is a situation with an Instagram friend. My friend Brianna lives in the desert with her husband and their two dogs, who are absolutely their babies. I had just been talking to Sara about them and their amazing life a couple of days ago and have a picture saved for a post I plan to do soon on a different topic.

All that said, one of their sweet babies, Dagwood, was hit by a car on Friday and had to be driven 300 miles to an emergency vet, where he is in critical condition. I cannot imagine. He was stabilized for his first surgery yesterday to close an abdominal wound. After the surgery, he had a seizure and Brianna and her husband, Keith, were called into see him in case he didn’t make it through the night. My heart is just breaking for them.

If he continues to improve, he will likely lose a leg and his tail – but he will be alive and well loved and cared for. Please keep him and his precious family in your prayers. They are devastated.

Sweet Dagwood.

As Sara said, “He’s a person, like Henry is.” Yes. Oh my heart.

I’ve almost kissed the fur off of Henry’s noggin since I saw this. I just can’t stand it.

And with my combination of upset and plague, my sweet Henry is a Level 5 Clinger While he is always a love bug, he never just climbs up on me and lays on my shoulder – he prefers laps – so he knows I’m not feeling good. He is the BEST little man:

the sweetest lil’ lovebug in the land.

For now, I feel like Hale – and cannot get warm – so I’m going to wrap up in many blankets and get back to hibernating for awhile. I’m pushing fluids and taking ALL the cold meds and Vitamin C in the land. And cuddling my Henry.

Please send some prayers or good vibes or warm fuzzies Dagwood’s way.

Be well, everybody. Kiss your furbabies.

Grace and Blessings.


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