a busy day, a good day, and then something that stopped me in my tracks.

With my bizarre sleep schedule, I often sleep for a few hours at a time and then my pain wakes me up – so I “nap nap” as my Henry knows it, throughout the day when I need to.

As such, I woke up at about 3 AM yesterday morning and started working to get my study back in order. We’ve been in the midst of a big transition in our house and it had sort of turned into a catch-all. Not only did I get it back to working order, I also finally decorated my perma-Christmas tree – I LOVE Christmas – that lives in there:

keeping the spirit of Christmas all year long in my office – with my book tree topper too! I love this so freaking much!

After all that activity, I had to lay down for a rest – and was incredibly difficult to get back up – but Sara was finally able to drag me out of bed and get me pointed toward the shower to go to the grocery store and get ready for the game.

After I got ready, Henry and I set out for Whole Foods, as we needed a couple of small things only they have (Sara had plans with her friends):

10 14 2

We did our shopping quickly and Henry was the BEST lil’ Whole Foods buddy – they love him there:

We got back home and enjoyed the game with my husband. And then we took our evening nap nap.

When I got back up, I was watching documentaries and catching up on my Instagram and whatnot when I saw something that just absolutely shook me.

As many of you know, I write for a feminist online magazine. I am incredibly proud to be part of it, I love my editor, and I support my fellow writers as well.

It turned out that a simple Instagram post they did, citing rape statistics, apparently brought out the crazies and the internet trolls, and they have been deleting crazy comments constantly – and my editor has received DEATH THREATS.

What the actual hell, y’all?

I am blown away.

I understand disagreeing with someone’s ideology – that’s part of the American way and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me – but threatening someone’s life??? NO. NEVER OKAY.

It’s taken me several hours to get my head around this – and, now that I have, of course I’ve sent her a message of support but I need to do more.

I need to fight the only way I know how – with my words.

I already have a piece that is running soon but I had something else that I was brainstorming but just hadn’t sat down to write. Oh, but I will now. We will not be bullied by these cowards. Come Monday afternoon, my editor will have a new piece from me in her inbox.

This. Is. Not. Okay.

Audre always knew what’s up.

Y’all, let’s all be good to each other.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.

One more thought from Audre – because This. Is. Not. Okay.

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