my spoonie christmukkah 2018 hopefully helpful gift giving guide <3

So, y’all, the flu still has me Laid. Out.

But I actually made it to the shower yesterday in anticipation of the SEC Championship Game – even though I still felt like Hale – and I was super excited:

And this whole getting ready thing turned out to be a MAJOR overdoing it. Henry and I were in bed at halftime – and we had a RUFF last night too to say the least. Waking up every hour or so, Kafka dreams, horrible night sweats, coughing and snotting, nosebleeds, terrible joint pain. . .

Oh. My. Word. =O

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. . .

the flu is still winning for sure. . . =O

Needless to say, it appears my flu has several more days to go of fizzy water and blankets and bed and kombucha and cozies.


And I am so grateful that my people have been amazing – cause they just are. 😉

My Sara Bug has looked after me constantly.

And my beautiful bestie dropped off this amazing care package since I didn’t get to go on our planned outing (and I was SO sad about that):

This fabulous ornament is from a local fair trade shop I cannot wait to visit with mah bestie once I am healed and she also made this heavenly GF pumpkin bread. She is THE BEST baker. Actually, she is just THE BEST. ❤ Gahhhhhh!!!

And my better half, who has been taking care of my plague-riddled self ’round the clock, brought me these too:

flowers are my favorite. ❤

These lovely gifts from my nearest reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do a helpful Christmas suggestion list for the spoonies in your lives.

Every year, around the holidays, I see tons of lists on Facebook and Pinterest of gift suggestions for Chronically Ill Friends and Family Members – but, when I’ve looked through them, lots of them aren’t really that helpful? Either they are really generic or there are other things that maybe a spoonie could use more?

And I know we can be tough to shop for.

So I thought I would make my own – and maybe it would be helpful to someone out there.

So here goes. 🙂

Super soft soft fuzzy blankets (preferably cute ones – we spend a lot of time with them). – don’t Amazon these. My favorite place to get them is TJ Maxx. They always have a great selection and they are super affordable. And I say don’t order online because you really do need to be able to feel them first to check for soft fuzzies. 🙂

A Huge Weekly Pill Organizer. If your spoonie takes a ton of pills (like I do), this will make a fabulous gift. I bought one from Amazon earlier this year and it has been a lifesaver. This is mine and I absolutely love it:

A Thriftbooks Giftcard. I’m a huge word nerd and a huge fan of Thriftbooks. MANY of their used books start at around $4 and they offer free shipping if you spend over $10 – so your spoonie can get lots to read for not much. This is so great for those of us that have to spend lots of hours in bed. 🙂

A Goodie Basket Of Snackies. If your spoonie has mobility issues like I do, a goodie basket of snacks that comply with whatever dietary restrictions he or she may have will be greatly appreciated. The little things everyone takes for granted can be a great challenge for those of us who have difficulty walking so snackies by the bed on a bad day are a fabulous and thoughtful treat.

An Electric Tea Kettle. This is an inexpensive gift so your person can make teas in their room or lemon water when they aren’t feeling well or hot chocolate for a cozy movie night. Just a lovely gift for a spoonie who spends a lot of time in their bedroom. I love mine.

Mini Fridge. Keep in mind that I’m working with broken feets and a busted hip so many days walking to the kitchen feels like a heroic effort. I am so thankful that my better half got an adorbs mini fridge for my room where I keep waters and kombucha and the like. If you are looking for a bigger gift for your spoonie, this is a great one.

my mini fridge is a life saver.

Target has some super fab sales right now:

A Roomy Lunch Cooler. I have celiac disease, diabetes, and food allergies, so I have many dietary restrictions that often necessitate taking my own food and snacks with me. Many spoonies I know have similar issues, so a cute, roomy lunch tote makes a thoughtful gift that will definitely be appreciated.

Small Gift Cards To Take Out Restaurants. Some days cooking is just impossible and small gift cards to Subway or Chick Fil A are a lifesaver. They are sold in increments of $15 or so and your spoonie will definitely appreciate them!

Soft Gloves & Socks. Most spoonies have blood flow issues with their hands and feet and there are never too many pairs of soft gloves and socks. As always, bonus points for the cutes! I know I LOVE to get them – and, judging by my Instagram feed, so do all of my other spoonies. Super inexpensive and always needed and appreciated.

Lapboard. If there is a single item I use constantly, it is a lapboard. I work from the one in my bedroom all day and have one in our TV room as well. These make fabulous spoonie gifts:

And I realize that there are far less expensive ones than this $49 I’m sharing – but this faux fur is SO deeply fabulous that I want 12 of them. I think I’m in love. Hehe.

Netflix. Pretty much everybody has Netflix now – and giftcards are available at Target, Lowe’s, Walmart, etc. For anybody who is often in bed and not feeling well, Netflix is almost a must. I am more of a reader – but some days I don’t feel up to reading even. Netflix has something for everyone and is a great distraction from high pain days. Along the same lines, iTunes cards also make a great gift. In my house, there can be no work without proper tunage. 😉

John Mulaney on Netflix is our family’s collective favorite thing. ❤

Journaling Supplies. A kit of fun journaling supplies would be a lovely gift. Colorful pens, glue sticks, stickers, washi tape with a nice big journal is always welcome. ❤

Monthly Subscriptions To Things They Love. A subscription to a box of something they enjoy – Ipsy, a monthly monogram box, one of the monthly book boxes, Barkbox for their fur baby, whatever their interests are – would make for a great surprise to cheer them each month.

This site has pretty much any subscription box you can think of:

And they have any price range you desire as well.

Colorful Art. Again, as spoonies are often in their rooms much of the time, gifts to brighten up their spaces and freshen up the look are appreciated – and the new piece will remind them of you! 🙂

New PJ’s. While this one is on many of the lists you see, it is a good one. I would just add a few suggestions. If possible, buy these in person, not online, so you can feel them. Buy super soft and cozy. Also, buy big and roomy. Fitted garments and body pain don’t go together well.

Instant Pot. If you are looking for a larger gift, I got one a few months ago from my amazing family as an early Christmas gift and I just love it. As spoonies frequently can’t do much standing and cooking, these are just fabulous.

Planner. And, finally, I have an iPhone – but I still use a paper planner. My Spoonie Brain Fog can’t retain anything if it isn’t written down. Specifically, I like the Happy Planner:

my lil’ planner. ❤

These have plenty of space to write in and they are super cute and colorful.

Amazon has plenty of options. 🙂

I hope this is helpful for spoonie gift giving – and know that cards and texts are always especially appreciated too. ❤

Hoping that your Christmas season is off to a wonderful start!

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings. ❤


this. ❤













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