bring in the New! (and my people!)

A couple of days after Christmas, my daughter and I both got sick as Hale. Like laid out with the bronchitis/sinusitis plague, sick as Hale.

That’s when I also remembered that I always manage to get super sick right after Christmas – maybe due to being run down or around lots of people or angering the holiday gods. Really, who’s to say? Regardless, it happens every year (and, even worse, now my baby seems to have joined me in this tradition). . .

We found ourselves together at Urgent Care on December 30th, getting a total of 4 shots, 7 prescriptions, and a breathing treatment for Sara. #fluseasonreallysucksforspoonies

That was a super bummer for starting off New Year’s goals and plans – but, as always, we rest and recoup and plan to start them a little later than everybody else. . .

my Henry and I ringing in the New Year with our plague at home with Sara and my husband. Even with the crud, it was a good one. ❤

As I’ve picked up a few new diagnosis since last year, I also found that this year’s plague was tougher to recover from than the last. Just ugh.

And, as I was kind of laid out, and looking over the past year, I did grow frustrated because – with my ever-changing health – it is just ALWAYS something – and there is very little I can do about any of it.

Even today, as I mustered enough energy to at least shower and run to the pharmacy and to pick up dinner, I noticed that the cold front that just came in brought a really NASTY spinal pain that I haven’t experienced in MONTHS – but it’s back.

And, when I got home and settled in, my left foot went from its usual hurting to the temperature sensitivity and stabbing pain in my insole that I was so hopeful had subsided from my CRPS flare last month.

Both of these things appeared, in addition to my usual RA rainy day symptoms, with no warning and no apparent provocation.

It’s just what happens now – and it is scary as ever-living hell to me sometimes.

But. . .

this found me today.

And, then, as I was looking at a website I haven’t checked in forever in the pharmacy parking lot, stalling on the getting out of my car because I knew how badly it was going to hurt my spine, it gave me this “card” for the day:

And I saved it to my phone and thought about how very much I hoped my bestie and I are able to get together over the weekend.

I walked into the pharmacy – and who should walk in 5 minutes behind me but my bestie!!! Yasss indeed! A total God thing and a sending in of my person and a much needed bestie hug!!! ❤

Then we came home and my better half and I had a great time hanging out and watching Rachel and Speaker Pelosi’s Townhall.

Finally, after some reading and resting, Sara and I had one of our weekend late night Supernatural Binge Viewings we haven’t done in awhile.

Time with my people was just what the doctor ordered. ❤

So, now, I’m finishing the most fabulous book and then I’m going to rest and wrap up a couple of posts I’ve been working on to post over the weekend as well.

And we are ready to start our New Year. ❤

so excited about this year’s books to be read and writing to be done! ❤

Be well, everybody!

Grace and Blessings.







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