Category: complex regional pain syndrome

on a mission.

Recently, I have been researching complementary therapies to hopefully improve my health and pain levels – in addition to, not in place of, my traditional medication regimen (though I would love to see that reduced one day – but that isn’t anything I foresee unfortunately). See, with my physicians, it feels as though I am…

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the inflammation station.

First, let me make mention that yesterday, February 2, was World Rheumatoid Awareness Day. RA is the original beast in my world, having brought with it the disability and the broken feets and the CRPS and all the other mean and nasty stuff. By itself, though, RA is more than enough. . . This past…

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wanting more (and less) in 2019

Yesterday morning, I read an article about Colin O’ Brady becoming the first person to ever cross Antarctica unassisted, a truly incredible feat. The explorer who attempted the same, Henry Worsley, in 2016 fell ill and passed away, just 30 miles short of his goal. Still, what an amazing attempt. It is also…

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