wherever you go, go with all your heart.

It was a busy weekend in the Hippie Hut.

On Friday, my better half and I went to visit our family and just had a wonderful day with them. ❤

Then. . .

On Saturday, my bestie, Al, my daughter, Sara, and I loaded up for our long-awaited trip to Atlanta to hear Nadia Bolz-Weber speak on her Shameless book tour.

(Oh, how I love a road trip! And this time? Twas a fabulous road trip indeed.)

If you aren’t familiar with Nadia, she is a non-traditional Lutheran priest and I just adore her. This is her third book and I came across this write up about it in O magazine yesterday:

I was so excited to see this!

When I learned she was coming to Atlanta several months ago, we planned our trip right away – and, even better, it fell the day after my bestie’s birthday. ❤

So, we set out around lunchtime – but, first, we stopped to drop Al’s fur baby, Juliet, off with her daughter, Meg:

JuJu ❤

AND we were able to meet Al’s older daughter, Jane, who now lives close to Atlanta, for dinner before the event! 🙂

Our crew together. ❤ So so good to get to see Jane!!! ❤

After dinner, it was on to the Cathedral, to listen to Nadia:

Nadia. ❤
Listening to Nadia – in the stunning Cathedral.
The Cathedral.
This little Word Nerd love, love, loves a book signing. ❤
Episcopal Bookstores are The. Best. 😉

There were so many meaningful things that she spoke on, but something that really resonated with me was the need to speak and TO WRITE our truth always. Her talk encouraged me to do some writing that I needed to do desperately – as she REALLY put herself out there in so many ways for this book. She also reminded us to let go of some things that we’ve all been saddled with for too long. It was amazing.


She is just a smart, strong, funny, compassionate, kick ass woman. I am so freaking glad we got to hear her. ❤

After her talk, we drove back home and stopped by Meg’s to pick up Juliet. That was the first time I actually got to see her place and meet her sweet roomie, so that was super fun too (No pictures though as it was late and I don’t think a creepy lady, wandering around their unit, taking pictures of them in pj’s would have been appreciated, Bahahaha!).

And the other glorious parts of our trip, I say?

Getting to hanging out with my Al and my Sara Bug and laughing SO freaking much and having the best talks and seeing all the crazy things on the road and getting into the random fun stuff that comes along and just having the best times. . . ❤

Definitely a fantastical road trip.

We shall have to plan many more adventures. ❤


Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.





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