my 2 year soberversary.

Shortly after midnight last night, this popped up on my phone:


3.28.19 ❤

Going alcohol free is still absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My second year of sobriety has been a been a beautiful one for sure, with adventures great and small.

I’ve been on some wonderful road trips:

I started the year with my first Soberversary at my Ginny’s house in Tennessee with my adorable nephew, Wellington. ❤
Sara and I had a fabulous time at Recreate in Tuscaloosa!


We lub Peach Park – on the way to Mom and Pop’s!
I got to take Sara to the Nature Center in Millbrook on a turtle finding mission. 🙂
The Braves Game was Courtney’s birthday present and it was so much fun!
Our girls’ trip to the Atl to see Nadia Bolz Weber was amazing! We stopped for a late lunch with our Jane on the way! ❤
Gahhhh! Nadia Bolz Weber! ❤
I ended my second sober year back with my Ginny too! ❤
Love this so stinkin’ much! ❤
Wellington hasn’t aged a day. 😉

And there have been so many other fun shows and events and activities as well:

Jack Johnson was a blast. 🙂
Seeing Lauren Daigle at the Alabama with Blair was amazing! ❤
Halloween with two doggie Popes and Sara and I in our Hocus Pocus costumes. Need I say more? 🙂
Dia de los Muertos. Celebrating Ryan and being with my Al, Meg, Buggle, and Courtney.
Jen Hatmaker!!! ❤
Matching Christmas PJ’s with Henry Herring! ❤
Taking Sara, Connor, and Karlin to Pride. ❤
Dressing up for Henry Herring’s 5th Birthday Party. ❤
Farmer’s Market Day! (after several weeks of non-walking, twas a BIG deal)
Lunch at Mellow with our Chani! ❤
A little surprise snow!!!
Weenie dog hand holding. ❤
Rounding out the year with Mumford and Sons with my better half. ❤

There has also been some really, ungodly HARD:

My precious Henry had a cancerous tumor removed – thankfully they got it all – and was diagnosed with diabetes. He is doing much better now – but it was SO EFFING scary.
two years 26
I developed a condition called CRPS – one of the most painful conditions in the world. It was terrifying.
With the CRPS, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to drive – and wasn’t able to drive myself and Sara for some time.

Going through the worst of the CRPS and fighting to be able to walk again certainly makes me appreciate being able to get around even more.

Celebrating two years of sobriety today, even with the difficulties of my illness – and my anxiety disorder (which I’ve had to face – and thankfully have my Henry to help me with!), I am SO incredibly grateful to be present and alive and ready to experience more adventures and to go and do and enjoy things as I can. I don’t want to miss out on anything.


So, here’s to year three: lots more books and writing and experiences and trips and outings with loved ones and new sights and new recipes and shows and places to go and things to do.

I am so grateful for it all. Thanks be to God.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.



P.S. If you are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, help is available to you:  – Alcoholics Anonymous, a traditional 12 step program – Narcotics Anonymous, a traditional 12 step program – a great resource for family members of those suffering from addiction – Celebrate Recovery, a faith based 12 step program – Hip Sobriety. This helped me tremendously. There is so much information. Holly is real and down to earth and her approach just worked for me. Everyone is different. Find what works for you.

There is an amazing community on Instagram. Some awesome accounts to get started:

holly (formerly Hip Sobriety)





And I am: theautoimmunehippie

And search hashtags: #sherecovers  #wedorecover  #wearetheluckiest  #recoveroutloud  #teetotaler  #soberlife  #soberliving  #alcoholfree

As always, if you are in crisis, PLEASE present to your nearest emergency room. They WILL help you, regardless of your insurance status or anything else. Don’t wait.


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