a different mother’s day this year

The past few years I’ve posted a seriously heavy Mother’s Day post because – historically – it isn’t my favorite day and I’ve let those feelings fly.

However, today, the day after Mother’s Day, I want to share some thoughts from a more peaceful place.

This Mother’s Day was different.

First, I went to church with my bestie, Al, and my sweet Sara Bug.

If you look at the bottom of our gorgeous stained glass, there is permanently what I call my “Methodist unicorn.” There is a story here that involves a seasonal flag with this lamb at our home church and my bad eyesight and our dear Ryan nearly falling off the pew when I asked why the heck a unicorn was on the flag at church. 😉 Needless to say, having my perma-unicorn brings me great joy. ❤

Our church is so warm and open and welcoming. My heart is just filled with joy when we go in.

Every Mother’s Day Sunday I’ve ever attended church has always been a challenge for me as churches tend to glaze over all of the people who struggle with Mother’s Day. It turns out that our church does not.

Our senior pastor immediately said, at the beginning of the service, that since Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a mixed bag for many many people, she chooses to spend those days focusing instead on how God is a perfect parent to us all.


And she did.

And it was beautiful.

Our reading from the Psalms was actually Psalm 23, a Psalm quite familiar to most people, but she choose an Inclusive Language Translation by Christine Robinson that I want to share here as it touched my heart so. . .

I am a child of God

I have everything I need.

This beautiful earth feeds my body

You feed my soul

You guide me in the ways of Life,

for You are Life.

And though I will walk through dark places, and eventually to death,

I need never be afraid.

For You are with me always,

In You I can find comfort.

With Your help, I can face whatever comes.

My joy overflows.

Your goodness and blessing will be with me

Every day of my life – and forever.

It was a wonderful service.

After church, my sweet Sara Bug took me out for a Mother’s Day lunch.

Lunch with my Buggle. ❤

Then we came home and my better half made cupcakes and we had Henry’s Moana themed 6th Birthday Party:

It was just a lovely Mother’s Day.

And I’m so blessed and thankful.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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