everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road. . .

Like the good Jack Kerouac, we love to go, and my bestie and I hit the road on Thursday for a lil’ day trip.

Like always, bestie days on the road, hanging out, talking, and laughing, are one of my very favorites. ❤

my al & me ❤

We went to this amazing place in Cullman, Alabama called Ave Maria Grotto.


Ave Maria Grotto is actually part of St. Bernard Abbey, the only Benedictine Abbey in our state. It contains absolutely stunning sculpture and miniatures, made by Brother Joseph Zoettl, throughout his adult life spent at the Abbey.

We walked around in amazement and I took a million pictures. I’ve had the hardest time pairing them down because everything was so beautiful and I want to share them all. They don’t begin to do justice to the intricate detail in every piece.

All of his artwork was made from found objects sent to him from around the world.

Just a truly wondrous place to see. I highly recommend it. ❤

After we left, my Al surprised me with this St. Bernardette medal. So so sweet. And she found a St. Bridget for herself as well. We ❤ The Abbey.

Be well, everybody. Maybe hit the road for yourselves this weekend if you can!

Grace and Blessings.



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