wild and holy – and on the road again.

On Saturday, my Sara Bug and I set out for Decatur, Georgia, with several wonderful things on our agenda and an unusual “playlist” playing through the speakers of Janis the Bug.

Our departure coincided with Rachel Held Evans’ memorial service, and, though I knew I would probably listen to the playback – and I have – I didn’t want to miss it.

on the road. ❤

Rachel’s Memorial Service

RHE’s service was stunningly beautiful and her sermon was preached by her dear friend and the woman I call my priest, Nadia Bolz Weber. (I’ve written about her previously, most recently when Al, Sara, and I were lucky enough to hear her speak a few months ago.)

I can honestly say Nadia’s sermon’s was one of the BEST I have ever heard – full stop – and I’ll say more about it later this week.

For now though, what’s important is that RHE’s life was lived well and honored well.

Sarah Bessey, who I’ve also just written about, was another of her best friends and she helped organize the service and somehow managed to struggle through the gospel reading.

There were many tears through readings and eulogies and songs and sermons. It was hard – but perfect.

Joining My Group Of Ladies – And Honoring Rachel As Well

By the time we arrived in Decatur, the service had ended, we had switched to road trip music, and I had made a decision.

I count Nadia, Sarah, and Rachel very much a part of my writer’s tribe; their work and their words mean so much to me. And I had decided well over a year ago to get some ink done that has a great deal of tribe meaning – I just hadn’t had a chance yet. Well, as everyone was getting different phrases done after the memorial and posting them, it just hit me HARD, that Saturday was the day.

The piece that I have KNOWN I would have:

this is nadia’s – but it is a community piece, on many arms. ❤

So a quick search for a five star shop and a phone call later:

i’ll say more about this later too but for now: “I learned that I could be both wild and holy.” – Ana Forrest ❤

Having this done on RHE’s day was just. . . right. ❤

Onward To Sara’s Stop

After our (super quick stop) at the tattoo shop, we were off to Sara’s chosen destination.

She has wanted – probably for the past year or so – to go to explore the IKEA, as we don’t have one in our state. So it made for a great surprise for her since she thought the trip was just for my plans.


We had the best time, wandering around and playing with all the things. 🙂

She even found herself a super fab teapot. ❤

And then it was time. . .

Heather Mae & Eddie’s Attic

I was SO excited that my friend, the super talented Heather Mae, was coming to play close enough that I would get to see her – and then even MORE excited when I discovered she was playing Eddie’s Attic, as I’ve wanted to check it out for many many years.


It made me so happy to get to take Sara for the show as well. Just a win, win, win!

so so good! ❤

Heather and Crys Matthews, along with Heather’s band, played the BEST show and Sara and I had an amazing time. So much fun.

Heather played – for the first time live actually, since this was the first stop on their tour – some new songs off her upcoming album, Glimmer, which I cannot wait for. AND she was just featured in Billboard – I am so excited for her! It’s a big and well deserved breakthrough.

heather and me. ❤

Getting Ourselves Home, Recovering, And Giving Thanks

After the show, we stopped at this great little diner for some cheese grits and then hit the road.

such a nifty place. ❤

Little did we know that there would be a major accident and interstate closure and we would be getting home with the sun. . . but that’s okay.

We had one of the BEST road trips we could have asked for – and got back safely. So, all good. ❤

After two fabulous trips within a couple of days, this body is completely done for a bit. Just finished. If you need me, I’ll be in my spot, reading, writing, talking to Henry, and napping. And it was 100% worth it.

Especially as I’ve listened again to Nadia’s sermon and thought more about saying goodbye to Rachel and all the things she and I had in common – we even went to school together! seriously! I JUST learned this. I’m just a few years older than her so we didn’t know each other at Parkway. =O  – I am grateful for each and every fabulous road trip and concert and church day and dinner with my bestie and cozy movie night with my better half and true crime watching binge with my Sara Bug. I’ll take them ALL and then rest up. And thank the Lord for them.

It was an amazing trip.

Thank You, Lord.

And Thank You again for RHE.

Be well, everybody. Love your people hard. Live wild and holy too.

Grace and Blessings.



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