a grand adventure. and a few more days to go. . .

So, friends, I’ve been trying to write to you for several days now, but, honestly, every time I sit still, I fall asleep. It’s a wonderful tired – my Ginny and I have been having the most amazing time in Montreal, a city who has definitely stolen my heart, and I can’t wait to tell you about our adventures so far.

Last Tuesday afternoon, my better half so sweetly loaded up me, my bags, and Mervin the Smartchair and drove us to Ginny’s house outside of Nashville so that we could be ready for our early morning flight on Wednesday. Despite being super excited about the trip, it was still hard to leave home and fam behind for a week, though I know they will be fine. Just a mom thing.

When we arrived and I got settled, Ginny, her husband, Daniel, and I, went out for some fabulous Viking Pizza which was delightful:

Then we went back to Ginny’s house for the evening. I attempted to sit on the floor of her study to read for a bit after she went to bed and laid back to stretch my back, promptly fell asleep, and slept there until time to go to the airport. Yup. #spooniezombiesleep  =D


Daniel was so kind to drive us to the airport in the wee hours and we got all checked in for my first flight from Nashville to Toronto. Our flights were through Air Canada and I was travelling in Mervin and they were so good to us the entire way.

On our flight to Toronto, we were on a smaller plane. We ended up in the front row and I was by the window so I could see everything:

The second part of our journey was from Toronto to Montreal, also with Air Canada, on a large plane. They were just wonderful throughout, helping us with Mervin and accommodations leaving the airport. So grateful.

From there, we went to our hotel, which Ginny selected so well:

The room is adorable and the location is perfect. We are a block or so from Chinatown and super close to Old Town Montreal and Downtown Montreal as well.

Jazzfest is currently in progress a few blocks from us, and, on Friday, Montreal ComicCon started a block from us so we have seen the most nifty costumes and met the most nifty people.

Montreal is the most beautifully diverse city, a mixture of French and English and so many other cultures, and the people in general have been so kind and helpful.

On Wednesday, after we settled in our room, we went to visit Chinatown:

ginny and me on our first day in montreal.
these gluten free noodles were found in chinatown. we still don’t have adequate words to describe my feelings for them. 😉

Then we wandered downtown for a bit and came back to our room and crashed HARD.


On Thursday, we set out to visit the Museum of Archaeology. On the way, we discovered the most amazing gluten free bakery ever:

Montreal is definitely a foodie city.

Then we went to the museum, which was lovely, but it definitely called to both of our attention that I will be doing a post when I get home about all of things we have learned about traveling as newbies with a disability. It has been a learning experience for sure!

After we toured the museum, we went back to the room for a nice long nap and then headed back out to the local mall to pick up a few things we needed.

There, we ate at the food court and I tried Poutine with Sausage. So unhealthy but so good:

We came back through JazzFest and this awesome projection was on the side of a building:

Then, after we talked everyone at home, we, again, crashed hard.


Friday morning we got up and got ready to go to Notre Dame Basilica, one of our visits I was particularly excited about.

Even the exterior is stunning.

And being inside is just breathtaking.

This last picture was taken at the altar rail and I can’t even describe being so close. Just overwhelming:

oh my heart. ❤

I am so grateful we were able to visit.

After we visited here, we stopped briefly by Underground City and then went to our room for a rest.

Friday evening, we had a lovely dinner at 3 Brasseurs in Downtown and then did some souvenir and gift shopping and came back to our room to call home and sleep.

I am incredibly grateful for such a lovely trip with my Ginny, though I miss my bunch at home terribly. I have assurances that the whole crew is coming for pickup on Tuesday!

In the meantime, we have many more fabulous adventures planned and I am so excited.

Tomorrow brings two more churches we both want to visit as well as an area with local crafts we want to see. ❤

It should be amazing.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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