living in the upside down

On Friday morning, I took Henry for what was to be the last day of his glucose curves at the vet. He had been doing really well but had seemed really tired Thursday night. I figured the poor lil’ fella has been through a lot.

As we were standing for a nurse to come get him, he had an accident in the lobby – unusual for him – and it was full of bright red blood. The nurse immediately came with a syringe for a specimen and assured me they would call me as soon as they knew something.

Shortly thereafter, our vet called himself to explain to me that Henry has autoimmune hemolytic anemia – basically a condition where  his body is attacking his red blood cells – due to all the stress his body has been through with his surgery and subsequent illness.

The vet was so kind when he discussed this news – but he was also honest. He reported that we would would fight this will all we have – steroids and chemotherapy drugs – but also that it was about 60 percent likely that Henry will be okay.

We have all been just devastated.

And terrified.

This is just surreal.

after a day of steroids.
after day one of steroid therapy.

On Friday, the vet began steroid therapy, which also calls for close monitoring of Henry’s blood sugar with his diabetes.

When his CBC was rechecked Saturday morning, his red blood cell count had only gone down 2 points – which is great news – but his white count had gone from 19 to 31, which was expected but not great.

He started his first chemotherauputic drug, in addition to the steroids, at that point.

saturday morning.

He is tolerating both well, acting like my Henry, and eating like a champ.

He also had his treatments this morning.

early sunday morning.

I cannot say enough for how our vet and nurses and staff have loved on Henry and cared for us and gone out of their way to help us through this. They have truly been lifesavers and we are so grateful to and for them. ❤

He will have his CBC for today at 5PM and we will know more about what is going on at that point.

For now, we are loving on him and spoiling him – as usual 😉 – and praying HARD.

Please please join us.

I’ll keep you posted.

Be well, everybody. Go love on your babies.

Grace and Blessings.




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