fragile times.

I know how everyone else's life is supposed to fly by Then someone turns and says What about you? And I stand here Mouth open Mind blank This should have all worked itself out by now The map of my life should be clear and precise With little red dashes and circles so nice Showing... Continue Reading →

christmas gratitude. and pj’s.

Yesterday, Sara, Henry, and I were out in the sleigh, listening to Christmas music, and running some errands before our first real cold blast of the year comes through, as my CRPS legs don't take very well to cold and we plan to be home and warm during it.  Henry was wearing his first Christmas... Continue Reading →

a happy pupdate

It's going to be a two post day here at the autoimmune hippie and I wanted to be sure to first let everyone know about Henry the Wonderpup. I am so so happy to report that his CBC yesterday afternoon showed that his white blood count had turned downward for the first time - which... Continue Reading →

living in the upside down

On Friday morning, I took Henry for what was to be the last day of his glucose curves at the vet. He had been doing really well but had seemed really tired Thursday night. I figured the poor lil' fella has been through a lot. As we were standing for a nurse to come get... Continue Reading →

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