a happy pupdate

a super cozy baby boy in his bed with his lovey 8.7.19 ❤

It’s going to be a two post day here at the autoimmune hippie and I wanted to be sure to first let everyone know about Henry the Wonderpup.

I am so so happy to report that his CBC yesterday afternoon showed that his white blood count had turned downward for the first time – which is what we were hoping to see to indicate the treatments were working – and his red blood count is stable. These are both excellent signs and I am so so grateful.

He is acting like himself again and running and wagging his tail and eating well.

This momma’s heart could just burst with joy. ❤

He is still going to the vet daily as his blood sugar is requiring close monitoring with the steroids and his diabetes as are his other labs with the chemotherapy drugs – but they love him so and take excellent care of him so he runs in to see his friends, tail wagging, which makes it so much easier to take him.

We call it going to school everyday.

I am so so grateful that God led us exactly where we needed to be. I know that is why my baby is getting well now. ❤

We are continuing to pray for improving labs and restored health.

Please join us.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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