the worst night of my life.

Sometimes the spoonie life just blows – no matter how hard we try to push through and keep going and make the best of it. And that has definitely been the past 24 hours for me.

Cardiac Issues

First, I landed in the ER with the cardiac issues I mentioned in the previous post.

While they are no better now, I hopefully have enough additional beta blockers to get me through to cardiology next week now – and that was about the best they could offer.

They were so unfamiliar with what was happening to me that a nurse tried to chart that I was on six weeks of IV antibiotics for CRPS. Ummm, yeah.

Still, after the ER visit yesterday, I felt so ill and weak that I literally came home and collapsed, missing my fabulous outing with my precious friend and being totally OUT for hours.

A Horrific Wake Up

Around 1 AM, I woke up to the WORST pain I have ever experienced.

A few times in the past I have had this pain in my knees I describe as a jackhammer inside them – this happened again but SO much more intense and radiating up and down my legs. I felt like lightening was striking my legs. I was literally screaming and no one could hear me. It was just ungodly.

I finally got to my nerve pain meds and eventually got it under control enough to breathe through it – but this experience was just unbelievable.

I called Sara around 3 AM and she stayed with me for the rest of the night, until the monster flare was over and I was back to a “normal” level of pain.

My Now

After that terrifying experience, I – like anybody – am just rattled.

I am doing everything I can possibly do to keep it from happening again – taking nerve pain meds on an increased schedule today, taking my pred on a different schedule as well, adding additional anti-inflammatories to my regimen.

And I am spending the day resting.

I’ve already asked Sara to plan to have a slumber party tonight as well, even though intellectually I realize with all the meds this is unnecessary. I also realize the likelihood of me sleeping more than a few hours after last night is pretty slim.

Still, I am grateful the pain is reasonably under control now.

And we are getting ready to watch some football and chill.

And it will be okay.

As always, onward I go.

a little more information about the beast.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.



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