a fabulous birthday trip to my beloved city for my sara bug – and some not so fabulous health news. . .

From Monday through Thursday of this past week, my Sara Bug, my Al, and I were off on a fabulous adventure to my favorite place in the world, my home, to celebrate Sara’s Sweet 16.


We headed to NOLA – for Sara and Al’s first visit – and had the most amazing time.

We had the best Groupon room at the Mercantile:

We got to go see Wicked on Broadway in New Orleans:

We found Anne Rice’s house, the house where AHS: Coven was filmed, and the LaLaurie Mansion:

We ate some amazing food:

And we went on ghost tours and went to the French Market and the Hard Rock and the Museum of Death and Marie LaVeau’s and Al and I went on our one and only casino adventure and I got to go to the Superdome and take my picture with Steve and we all laughed soooo much. . .

It was just wonderful.

In The Midst Of Our Fun. . .

However, in the midst of it all, my body decided to REALLY go on strike and my left leg went completely numb from the knee down, whilst my balance started going completely out – to the point that I was having to grab Al and Sara quite often.

Not. Pretty.

Well. . . as it happened, at one point, my attempt to grab Al failed and I somehow fell, hit my right knee and hip HARD on the curb and then somersaulted over pretty spectacularly onto my back INTO THE GUTTER OF NEW ORLEANS.

  1. Thank God it was dry. (Yay for drought?)

I’m so serious, y’all.

Awaiting Testing

So, I’m home now.

I can honestly barely walk. I called the neurologist first thing Friday morning. I have MRI’s scheduled for Wednesday – the soonest available – and then she will see me Thursday to come up with a new treatment plan. Until then, I just hang on.

Good times.

The News Out Of NOLA

In addition to that, as I’m sure you all heard, there was a horrific accident in the French Quarter on Saturday morning at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site:


After the collapse, two people were killed, one person is missing, 30 people were injured, 100 local residents have been displaced from their homes, and the Saenger Theatre has been shut down for now with the Wicked run scheduled through next weekend ended early due to damage to the structure.

I am just sick.

On My Heart Right Now

I’ve had many things on my mind and heart right now I suppose due to my current health crisis as well as my recent nasty accident – and almost being, umm, hit by truck – and then my peoples and I being at the top of the Saenger on Tuesday night.

One of the songs on my Top 10/17 List of my All Time Favorite Songs that I wrote about in a post forever ago is a song by Ben Rector called When a Heart Breaks and it is so on my heart right now that I want to share the lyrics:

Woke up this morning

And I heard the news

I know the pain

Of a heartbreak

I don’t have answers

And neither do you

I know the pain of a heartbreak.

This isn’t easy

This isn’t clear

You don’t need Jesus

Until you’re here

The confusion and doubts you had

Up and walk away

They walk away

When a heart breaks.

I heard the doctor

But what did he say

I knew I was fine

About this time yesterday

I don’t need answers

I just need some peace

I just need someone who could help me get some sleep

Who could help me get some sleep.

This isn’t easy

This isn’t clear

You don’t need Jesus

Until you’re here

The confusion and doubts you had

Up and walk away

They walk away

When a heart breaks.

– Ben Rector

Another song lyric that has been floating through my head is the Mat Kearney line, “I guess we’re all just one phone call from our knees.”

Honestly, I’m feeling REALLY frightened right now. I’m in new territory with what my body has decided to do – and, of course, trucks and building collapses are beyond any of our control.

We ARE all just one phone call from our knees.

BUT – that’s still okay.

God’s still got this too.

I’m in my spot with my weenie dog.

We’re about to cuddle up with a documentary.

Onward as always.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and blessings.

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