my soul sister lorelai would be jealous – because i DO have haunted leg. . .

First off, if you don’t get the Gilmore Girls reference, I am so sad for you. All is not well in your kingdom. . . 🙂

Spending a great deal of my time in bed recently, I have been doing much Netflixing, reading, Rosetta Stoning, and writing.

begin at the beginning

All that happened was a simple misstep, a week ago last Saturday. I was in my bedroom, talking to Sara, and I literally just put my right foot down wrong and it twisted a bit – something a healthy person wouldn’t have even noticed.

Shortly thereafter, my foot started throbbing and I knew something was wrong – but I hoped that perhaps it was just a strain.

first, the md visits

Unfortunately, it was quickly apparent that I was dealing with more – and, between urgent care, the ER, and scheduled appointments, I saw four doctors between Sunday evening and Monday – and learned that i had essentially added to the breaks in my right foot.

Definitely not the news I was hoping for.

but then. . .the haunted leg 

While more breaks was bad news for sure, much worse was coming down the pike. The new breaks caused my CRPS to become symptomatic in my right foot on Tuesday – a true nightmare scenario for me.

Prior to this happening, I had been dealing with my left foot having gone to the stage of CRPS where it is completely numb – and both feet go insanely ice block cold and extremely painful.

And I have literally been having ALL of the physical symptoms of CRPS listed on the graphic below.

And severe anxiety.

(It’s been a wild ride.)

And, now, haunted leg.

a crps refresher course

As CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – is a rare illness, when I write about it, I also remind everyone what it actually IS.

CRPS is a neurological condition, characterized by, among other things, severe, unrelenting, screaming, burning, lit a match pain.

This link contains a short article that explains it well:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS): Types, Causes, Risk Factors, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

An Explosion

From there, my CRPS has exploded. I have seen episodes of these crazy full body jolts that are really distressing and the crazy burning on fire pain has also moved into my TMJ right jaw. And my lips are going freezing cold and burning like my feet do.

So this flare has been hell.

All from a simple misstep on the floor on a Saturday morning.

Sometimes this spoonie life is really rough.

But, as always, onward.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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