facing a major spoonie health issue during the covid-19 crisis

Earlier, when the Covid-19 situation was developing, I expressed my concern as to what spoonies would do when we had a “normal” – for us – health crisis.

Well, I found out last night. . .

See, about five days ago, I literally just stood up from bed and felt awful pain in my left hip. It stayed with me – and, at times would radiate through the front of my thigh and into my knee.

However, I was absolutely committed to NOT going anywhere near an ER, urgent care, or doctor’s office and I was able to manage the worsening pain with quite the array of alternating meds – until last night.

Last night, the worst intractable pain hit me – not unlike the pain that hit my foot with my very first CRPS flare.

I could not sit, I could not lie down, I was shuffling as I tried to walk, I could just barely hold my weight, I involuntarily screamed when I tried to bend over. . .

There was NOTHING I could do but cry. . . and go to the emergency room. . .

When my daughter and I arrived, there were very few cars out front – and there was a tent for respiratory patients.

We were both screened throughly at the front door as well – temperatures taken and many questions asked – and given wristbands to indicate that we were allowed inside.

Our temps were taken a second time in triage as well.

I appreciated how careful the staff was – and hand sanitizer was everywhere.

Once we got to a room, my nurse and doctor were wonderful. Though I was afraid – and there really was no good outcome available for this situation no matter the diagnosis- it IS a CRPS spread to my left hip.

I was sent home with some pain meds to manage it – in addition to the regimen I already have in place.

As it stands, I am not walking – I am shuffling like I’m about 120 years old and my left leg is still trying to give out – which I noticed going to the car from the ER.

This. Is. Awful.

Of course, I am grateful for a great doctor – who was actually familiar with my condition – and a wonderful nurse, for all the precautions being taken, and to be home now.

But I am so scared of yet another spread – and to a large area this time.

I am afraid because I am having such a hard time walking.

And this pain, when it hits me? It is just unbelievable. I don’t have words. It feels like a forty foot wave has just smashed into me and there is nothing I can do.

Still, as always, I know that none of this surprises God – not that it’s happening, not that I’m afraid, nothing.

So I will trust Him and hang on.

And pray this pain crisis is a short one.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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