celebrating and giving thanks for my person.

Yesterday was a super important day.

It was the birthday of My Person.


She lives in a different state and with schedules and COVID and my ailment I won’t get to celebrate with her together until next month – but I’ve been thinking about how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to have my bestie/sister for more than 25 years now.

I know that seems impossible since we’re only 24 – but we met in utero. =D

My Ginny and I met on the school bus on our way from high school when I literally asked her, “What do you think about Bill Clinton?” Bahahaha!

‘Twas an important question – and we still laugh about that. 😉

Once I was driving, we rode home from school together after cross country and soccer practice every day.

We did SO many other things together back then as well – and, thank God, we never stopped.

Just a few of the many things that come to mind over the years. . .

  • Hanging out at her house with her precious parents, Sassy the dog, and Cuddles the fierce attack cat – who WOULD hide and jump out and scare the absolute snot out of us from behind bushes, trees, furniture. . .
  • Our same day trip round trip to New Orleans – from Birmingham – to see the Degas exhibit at a small museum. We had a fabulous time at the French Market, attempted to rescue a cat in Sliddell with a McDonald’s cheeseburger, and I insisted on stopping a million times on the way home in a mad search for Arizona Pina Colada Teas in the middle of the night.
  • Countless days and nights at her family’s lake house. So much fun.
  • A million late night phone calls.
  • The most fun and fabulous trips to visit her – and I can’t wait to see her soon. ❤
  • Our amazing trip to Montreal – where I was totally unable to walk at the time and she literally took me and my Smartchair there and back and all over the city for a week. I have no words.
  • How much my children love her. She is their godmother and they just adore her.

Of course, I also have so many pictures – and I must share a few.

Me and Ginny at my wedding.

There are a million more memories I could share. We’ve been together through the absolute best – weddings and travel and joy – and the absolute worst – unspeakable loss and grief.

I was an only child – and God knew I needed a sister. He gave me the very BEST one.

I love you, my sweet friend! ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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