early morning thoughts and gratitudes after a sickly week.

It’s 3:09 AM and this adorable guy is snoring next me, noggin buried in his commandeered pillows. ❤

And this guy is in his spot at my feet – until I snoodle up to sleep later, when he’ll climb up and sleep on my lap all night. ❤

I’ve finished my Maymester Sociology work for the night and am having some peaceful reading time for myself.

(If you aren’t familiar, Maymester is where we squeeze in one full class in less than three weeks – kind of like a fire drill – before the compressed Summer term. For me, this year, it’s Sociology.)

My view from here is so beautiful, with these amazing flowers my husband has brought me at different times.

He is the absolute best. ❤

Sara is working late in her study across the hall, wrapping up her school year, and we’ve had some fabulous chats tonight about her studies of the Beat Generation and my love of Kerouac and Ginsberg and how Neal Cassady relates to the Grateful Dead – and how we shall FINALLY get to see The Dead this fall – as I’ve been trying to take her for a few years now. ❤

It’s been a lovely peaceful night after several very sickly days that hit me suddenly and like all Hale.

After some intense stresses that were outside our home and outside our control – my body responds in the worst ways to some things no matter what I do – I experienced a flare of cellulitis that is an emergency situation for me because if it isn’t contained – as I am immunocompromised – that can lead to osteomyelitis and sepsis.

Needless to say, we quickly began treating it – but it has been exhausting and oh so painful. I’ve been sleeping so much and also had to increase my prednisone for a bit. In addition to that, the antibiotic I’m on is a beast so it brings its own issues for the next ten or so days – but it beats the alternative. 

Such a sudden change causes major anxiety as well because, though obviously I know I’m quite ill, it’s always unsettling to get so terribly sick so abruptly.

Don’t misunderstand. Even when I’m doing well for me, I am still rolling with a permanent med alert bracelet, my large medicine bag I can’t be without, and Ellie the Cane. Still, I have some relatively really good days – and thus I HATE it so much more when the days come that I just collapse.

Honestly, having just had to say goodbye for now to a dear friend made getting sick-sick so suddenly more disquieting than it is usually for my anxieties as well.

Still, tonight I’m taking a deep breath and giving huge gratitude. I don’t feel great by any means yet – but I do feel peaceful and on the mend. I’ve gotten my work done, showered, and cozied up in my pjs and sweater and I’m resting with the funky bunch nearby.

I’m so looking forward to a nice date afternoon/evening with my better half too. ❤

And on Sunday I’m greeting online at church, one of my favorite things that I can do even on my puny days.

All of my blessings – all my loves nearby here in the Hippie Hut, looking forward to a cozy together weekend and church on Sunday – remind me that He has everything in His hand and I am held, even on the scary sick days.

All is well, yes, all is well with you. . . yes, for your God has helped and does help you. – 1 Chronicles 12:18 (The Message)

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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