what is this life. . . (from a grateful little spoonie)

Some 25 years ago, high school senior Miranda saved my Mississippi State letters and goodies from trips over to visit campus in my scrapbook (that is now a bit, umm, aged – like its owner. hehe).

Later, I would be so upset when I didn’t get to go – and I certainly could have never imagined that I would be able to attend all these years later.

(I still feel so so blessed.)

This week, on Tuesday, in just the happiest trip over to Starkville – now getting to travel with my own fabulous 18 year old daughter (as life happens so wonderfully sometimes), we went over for a lovely dinner and the induction ceremony for new members of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society.

(My husband was amazing and worked so hard to make sure we could go and that our wild bunch at home were all taken care of for us.)

That morning, I had my infectious disease appointment where I thankfully said goodbye to this guy:


It was also decided that I will now be on long-term oral antibiotic therapy prophylactically in the hopes that we can avoid another “flare” of this osteomyelitis and sepsis as I am an MRSA carrier and am immunocompromised, an undesirable combo for sure. I’ll now be followed much more closely by infectious disease as well. 

After that appointment, Sara and I got ready to go to Starkville for the evening.

When we arrived, we stopped by the bookstore where we found a giant Tennessee orange Mississippi State water cup (a really unusual find), which was perfect for me – as, of course, our Lindsey was travelling with us (always) – and she was a Tennessee girl through and through, and we got Sara her very first Bully Ice Cream (it’s made on campus – State dairy is fantastic). She loved it. ❤

After that stop, it was time to go to our dinner at the Starkville Country Club.

The dinner was delicious and the speaker was so interesting – and we were lucky to sit with another adult student from Meridian, who was so friendly, and her son, a precocious eight year old who was just a joy to talk with.

In the midst of all the good things – and perhaps because we were so active? – this spoonie body had to act out and my feet were all out of sorts.

So ornery was my left foot – it went completely out – that Ellie the lovely leopard cane also attended the dinner with us. Still, I certainly have been worse – and I am so grateful that I was well enough to go and enjoy our day. ❤

(Added to just a wonderful trip with Sara, the feeling of being inducted to on-campus societies after all these years is just so precious. It was a long wait to be a Bulldog – and perhaps that makes it mean even more.)

After dinner, we stopped by our favorite coffee shop in the world, Strange Brew, for coffee and the BEST giant (think softball sized) gluten free sausage balls to bring home and then we were so ready get back to my better half and our fur babies. ❤

Oh my word, y’all. I am just so thankful.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and blessings.

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