camp pb&j.

Today I’ve still been just incredibly sick with this flare: migraine, facial burning and throbbing, nausea, exhaustion, body on fire. . . The works.

This one seems to be sticking.

With the nausea, it is so difficult to find anything appealing to eat – which would be fine, except that taking the large collection of medications that I do really requires at least some food.

(This has proven to be an issue anytime the CRPS flares have brought with them my favorite heightened sense of smell/migraine/GI combo. Ugh.)

As I brainstormed – and kept coming up with nothing – it finally hit me: little kid PB&J sounded delicious.

After a couple of days of many things making me really sick, little kid PB&J WAS delicious. As I was eating it, I got to thinking about the very BEST PB&J this side of the Mississippi at Camp Sumatanga.

See, if you aren’t familiar with Camp Sumatanga, nestled quietly in Gallant, Alabama, it is one of the most beautiful peaceful places in the world to my heart. I love it so. ❤

I was a counselor there in my youth and have returned with my church family and friends as an adult to create many wonderful memories.

And, as camp food goes, my favorite memory is of the “backup” PB&J – which was actually this absolutely delicious PB & honey mixture – and smooshy white bread – that was always on a side table for campers who didn’t care for the meal option – and it was ahhh-mazing. Just thinking about it makes me miss camp even more than usual (and that’s saying something).

Wandering down memory lane has me so wanting to take a field trip when I am well and when it isn’t record breaking heat.

It will definitely be in the works for the Fall.

We’ll pack a PB&J picnic. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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