road tripping with my precious family – and spoonie sick.

Twice over the weekend, we postponed our trip to the lake to visit Pop for his birthday and Father’s Day owing to my leftover illness/resultant flare that has just been stubbornly hanging on. Along with some (at times) overwhelming fatigue and gnarly body pain, I’ve been dealing with the edges of the really ugly CRPS facial pain and migraine issues that I try desperately to stave off when they appear.

Still, Monday morning, we decided to set off – my husband, Sara, Henry, and I – my having taken meds and praying for the best.

(Unfortunately, my migraine pain and sharp stabbing CRPS facial pains as well as my bodily flare symptoms gathered steam through the day, along with nausea and my Lupie rash blossoming – so I arrived home this evening to collapse shortly thereafter for several hours. I  am now seeing many more assorted Lupie flare symptoms than I’ve had combined in awhile – I’ve been dealing with RA symptoms more recently – as well as some nasty CRPS issues- so this week, with its forecasted heatwave – will be spent cozy inside the Hippie Hut with all the extra AC units and fans and cold beverages and plenty of rest while we ride out this storm. Yuck.)

Despite my body being unruly, it was a beautiful day – and I love traveling with my better half, our daughter, and our Henry P. Even when I’m puny, there is no place I’d rather be than with them. ❤

As we drove south to the lake, my husband stopped for me to snap a picture of my favorite little church along the back way.

And, as always, Henry enjoyed his ride as we all talked and listened to music and just had family time. ❤

It was an absolutely beautiful day at the lake, spending time with our family. ❤

On our way home, we stopped at the Peach Park as well.

Now we are in the for the week, all snoodled up, resting and recovering. It seems that several days of healing may be what the doctor ordered here.

As always, onward.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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