blogmas day 13 – remembering coach.

Today was Coach’s memorial service in Starkville. 

His passing is still just surreal and the entire Bulldog Nation is aching – but he was honored so well.

(I had hoped to travel over but I have been feeling a bit run down with some cold symptoms and fatigue – just a busy time of year and lots of running plus the snots – and another busy travel day right before Christmas was not something my body could handle. I actually slept on and off all day – so staying home was the right decision.)

Here in the Hippie Hut, we gathered some of Coach’s favorite things and I put on my Coach sweatshirt and I am just so thankful SEC Network broadcast everything.

If you know Coach – and his now legendary Halloween Candy musings – then you know. ❤


Thank you again, Baby, for my Coach sweatshirt. ❤

So many people like the University President and the SEC Commissioner shared beautiful thoughts about Coach – but the most meaningful to me were the ones from his current and former players who clearly love him dearly.

(I just love Will Rogers and today my heart hurt extra for him. I hate this so much.)

If you get a chance to listen to a replay, do. It really is lovely.

I also want to share this tribute MSU put together in honor of Coach:

My prayers are with his family, his players, and his staff, especially through the holiday season.

Rest easy, Coach. We will miss you. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other – and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 14 of blogmas.

Grace and Blessings.

Not surprisingly, Coach was a Deadhead so we’re going to take a one day Christmas music break and instead play Ripple today for him. ❤




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