blogmas day 12 – home for christmas.

Happy (very) early Monday, y’all.

Blogmas Day 12 was a bit delayed because this weekend we celebrated Christmas with our precious family and it was just wonderful. In the busyness of the past few months, we haven’t gotten to spend time together as we would like and it was a blessing to enjoy the day together. ❤

Our sweet mom works so hard to make the most beautiful and perfect Christmases for everyone – and this one was too. ❤

I took some pictures but not a ton because I was just enjoying lots of together time. 

First, I did get these adorable shots of the world’s cutest weenie dog on our way down. ❤

the sweetest little passenger.
oh my heart.

I also got these of Henry on “his” couch at Nana’s with Seester and with GJ. ❤

I love this so much.
oh my goodness. Henry and GJ. ❤

Santa brought Henry his own Christmas presents at Nana’s house too.

Henry with his gift. ❤
Henry’s adorable Santa prezzie.

Our family had so much fun, with lots of laughing and food and conversation and Santa and just good times together.

our precious family. my heart is full. ❤
my sweet sara bug and me. ❤

Our Mom works for months to help Santa to find the perfect gifts for everyone and to make stockings that are just adorable and she decorates everything beautifully and makes the best food too. I so wish I had taken more pictures of everything – I will be a better photographer in the future – but here are a few of my sweet gifts.

I am so excited about this set and can’t wait to use it.
Mom made Sara and I the most adorable bath baskets as part of our stockings. ❤
I love this serving platter. Not only is it the cutest, it is even more dear as I am our only Hail State family member. Such a thoughtful gift. ❤

We are incredibly blessed in so many ways.

I am so excited that Christmas is here. I still have things I am working on – my cards are incredibly late and are going out in the next two days – and some last minute gifts to gather and grocery shopping to do. 

All good good things.

It’s the best time of year. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other – and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 13 of blogmas.

Grace and Blessings.


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