happy heart day, y’all.

Here in the Hippie Hut, we found ourselves a little under the weather this Valentine’s Day.

My better half wasn’t feeling well at all – but went to work anyway as he so often does.

I took our daughter to work early this morning, came back home and gave all of our fur babies their meds and got everything situated, and laid down to nap for awhile longer – and woke up freezing cold and sick as hale.

(The sinus crud that has been sort of lingering just exploded. ugh.)

Because this meant I had the most unsexy case of the snots – Happy Valentine’s to us, Baby – my amazing husband rearranged his day – even not feeling well himself – to meet Sara Bug getting off work, get some of my favorite sammie items at the grocery store, and pick up my antibiotics and cold meds that the doctor sent in for me.

there was nothing nice about today’s valentine look. . . . 


My amazing better half gave me several sweet gifts for Valentine’s Day and I am thankful for those for sure – and I am even more grateful and blessed for the way he cares for me and our family.

His looking after me when I am sick and watching over our family and always protecting us and loving us so well is one of my greatest blessings and I love him so so much.

our wedding verse. ❤

Today – and every day – I am thankful for all of the love in my life. 

The Lord has been so good to me. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

The song always for my better half. ❤



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