a scary sick weekend

Well, y’all, when I was writing to you last week about how we were getting over being under the weather here in the Hippie Hut, it turns out we so were not.

On Friday, I was feeling very unwell throughout the day, taking my second antibiotic prescription, and resting – but just yuck with a cough, body aches, fatigue, the works.

At the same time, my husband was not feeling well either that evening.

On Saturday morning, really early, I expected to take our daughter to work and woke up after only a few hours of sleep with chills, weak, so much worse than when I laid down.

I actually found this picture on my phone that I sent to our daughter when I was letting her know that my husband was taking her to work because I was a burrito in bed (the kicker here is I vaguely remember taking it):

4 AM Saturday – needless to say, I was not well.

It took literally hours of my husband cajoling me to get showered and dressed to go to urgent care – only because I insisted on showering first even though I was too weak to do so – to get out the door. I was really shaky and off balance in a way I haven’t been in some time.

Once there, I found that I couldn’t successfully navigate the iPad to register and even had to look at my medical alert bracelet for my allergies – I was not doing well. 

Add to that I could not stay awake. . .

Once we got checked in and to the back, it was discovered that my temp had shot up to 103.7 – and suddenly the brain scramble made more sense.

Still, it was necessary to sort the illness.

I honestly only remember bits and pieces of the visit.

My flu and Covid tests were both shockingly negative – so I was given shots and sent home with different antibiotics and other meds as well.

My husband was also treated.

He then had the unenviable task of loading me up and taking me to the pharmacy, bringing me home, and putting me to bed.

(He did all of this and looked after me all weekend despite having the plague himself. I am the luckiest. ❤  )

After sleeping on all my meds for over twelve hours, the fever finally broke – and I could think again.

Since then, I am slowly coming around. I am still with symptoms and exhausted – but with getting so sick, being immunocompromised, and having several spoonie diagnosis, that may take awhile to clear – especially as I again find myself on two antibiotics.

this morning – we aren’t winning any beauty pageants but at least I look like myself again.

What a ride, y’all.

Being regular people sick on top of spoonie sick is no joke – and I had forgotten how big and scary these kinds of sicknesses can get.

I am incredibly thankful that the Lord has seen us through this frightening experience, and that my precious family has been so amazing, taking care of me. 

I am blessed beyond measure.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

One of my favorite comforting and encouraging hymns on this Music Monday:

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