good friday 2023.

Happy Good Friday, y’all.

I am so sorry it’s been so long. I have been adjusting to some insane fatigue that is coming and going with this post-Covid business. I have several doctor’s appointments over the coming months to address all of these symptoms that have come my way.

I also do have some good things to share over the next few days that we’ve gotten to do – including first a trip to St. Bernard Abbey for Holy Week, a place that is dear to my heart.

St. Bernard Abbey.

The Abbey is home to Ave Maria Grotto, holding what is called Little Jerusalem, this amazing and unique walkthrough of miniatures constructed throughout the lifetime of Brother Joseph Zoettl, and – though that is actually not the primary reason we visited this time – it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I recommend visiting if you can.

Ave Maria Grotto.

Some images from the Grotto.

I love the shrine of St. Therese.

The largest construction is the actual Ave Maria Grotto and it is 27 feet tall.

Bug was incredibly fond of the Grotto cat. ❤

My favorite image inside is Our Lady at the large gate.

(What we first went to visit, however, is the walk through the Stations of the Cross to the cemetery and chapel outside of the Grotto.)

Years ago, after my Grandmother’s funeral, I was just spent and distraught and my dear husband took me here to decompress. As we walked this peaceful path, it was so soothing and I lit a candle for her in the beautiful church. It was just what my heart needed. ❤

As I’ve been working through the Lenten series on the Hallow app this season (it’s been wonderful – I can’t recommend it enough), we came to the Stations of the Cross and I remembered how beautifully they are done here on this path so Bug and I came to walk them and visit the chapel.

Each of the Stations is carved in relief and they line either side of the path to the cemetery and chapel.

It is such a beautiful and peaceful place.

We lit candles for loved ones, including our precious Lindsey, and prayed.

As always, Linds was with us. (Love you, sweet girl.) ❤

The Abbey is so close to our home and I could not have asked for a more lovely Holy Week visit.

Of course, with this Covid business, I am totally wiped out – and we truly didn’t do much physically at all. So it goes right now. No matter, I am so so grateful we were able to go.<3

Now we are on to Good Friday today and into Easter Weekend.

I want to share this beautiful homily I listened to earlier today from Father Mike and I hope you’ll listen if you have a chance.

Wishing you all an abundant Easter weekend.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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