this chronic illness life.

Well, I’ve been waiting to write for this newest addition of long Covid to “settle down” so it didn’t feel like I’m always writing about health issues. . . however – not only has the “settling down” not happened – some new issues have come up and this month and the next few are just a flurry of doctor’s appointments causing me to realize that if I wait to write until my health is better, well, I sure will miss you guys. . .


I’ll be changing course on that plan and instead sharing what’s going on with this long Covid mess as well as all the autoimmune issues that are running amok now that my body is ablaze with inflammation.

my recent trip to UAB neurology clinic.

A few weeks ago I was seen in the UAB Neurology clinic for a really helpful new patient appointment. I was scheduled for MRIs and other testing as well as follow ups after I see some other doctors at UAB. Overall, it was a productive trip – though the news wasn’t encouraging about the long COVID in that they didn’t offer much hope for a quick resolution to these symptoms. Yuck I say.

Since then, I have found myself with other unsavory health issues, as last week I was at urgent care with bronchitis (and the continued long covid allergy symptoms) – and still have a ridiculously persistent cough and crud despite antibiotics and desnotters and my inhaler.

urgent care outing.

Also, my right foot has started to kick into some kind of painful cellulitis CRPS situation that is of great concern – and I am scheduled for a long acting antibiotic infusion Monday morning with infectious disease that will cover me for 21 days.

the area of redness on the right foot is just crazy tender with stabbing pains.

Of course, all of this has come with lots of fatigue and daily headaches and body pain and my RA has gone next level in response to the inflammation from the other ailments.

my new health strategy. 😉

Seriously, overall, I’m doing okay – my family is taking excellent care of me and I’m snoodled up and resting for the rest of this weekend to get through until my infusion on Monday.

As always with chronic illness and autoimmune disease, there are just many different issues to address at once it seems – and it’s hard to contain them all.

All prayers and warm fuzzies and good vibes are definitely appreciated as we sort all of these things.

(The saint at the top of this post is Saint Juliana, patron saint of the chronically ill.)

st. juliana prayer. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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