home, home, home.

After an eight day stay, I have finally been discharged home – to my peoples and my Henry and my cozy spot and a body that keeps collapsing to lots and lots of sleep. I am exhausted.

Oh my word, I am so happy to be home.

As with my previous rounds of sepsis and difficulties with my feet, I have a PICC line and am giving myself daily home IV antibiotics for the next several weeks. Considering that the alternatives are either staying in the hospital for the duration of therapy, staying in a rehab facility similar to where I used to work, or driving across town to the infusion center daily, I am SO grateful for this option.

Though I still don’t feel like running laps around our house, I am already feeling much better being at home.

I looked through my phone and realized I didn’t have many pictures while I was inpatient. I found this gem of just how fantastic I was feeling while I was waiting for my transesophageal echocardiogram:

Needless to say, getting home to our little fam jam has given me life:

I still have a long way to go with this particular round of illness.

I am finding that I am already having the gnarly GI side effects that come with these heavy IV antibiotics – nausea, difficulty finding foods I can tolerate, etc. – and there are several more weeks of therapy to get through.

I am also still dealing with some intense pain in my feet (not helped by a MAJOR storm system that came through our state this evening).

And, as I said earlier, I am still just totally post-hospital/sepsis-healing exhausted.

During our storm prep today, I ran into dollar tree and found that they had put out their fabulous Spring planting goodies, several of which followed me home – and I am super excited about planting those.

(I came home from hospital to some fantastical growth of my recently planted plants as well as my orange orchid blooming and was a happy happy plant lady.)

All that said, this little spoonie plant lady will be spending the rest of the week slowly catching up schoolwork, doing some planting – which I’m sure you will all get report of 🙂 , and taking lots of naps (as my body is insistent this week).

I am so thankful the Lord has seen – and continues to see – me through this round of infection and illness as I’m still processing how sick I got so very quickly.

And, my word, am I ever thankful to be home.

People Usually Are The Happiest At Home

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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