#thebrokenway (thanks, Ann)

I last wrote about an awful day on Thursday, hoping for a restful Friday, but that was not to be.

The daughter I recently wrote about, who struggles with BPD and type 1 bipolar disorder, is off visiting her grandparents, you see, so you would think that would create some space for rest for her parents, right?

Alas, no.

On Friday, some deeply serious things she has involved herself in, that I won’t get into, except to say that we will not tolerate them, came to light.

And, of course, she immediately denied, denied, denied to her grandfather with all the sincerity in the world.

Until the evidence she could not deny was named.

And the truth came out.

So, a week before Christmas, we are in the midst of a mild uproar in our home.

And, let me add that her medications are all managed and her bipolar disorder is under control. These are all conscious, selfish choices – BPD, lack of concern for family members, deeply distressing to her parents.

And, then today, after a wonderful morning (that I will share about in a bit), I was so stinking tired and frazzled (it was tough to rest well after yesterday’s fiasco) that I managed to lose my keys in a large store. Yep. I have NEVER done that in my life – until today. So, after searching for a few hours, while limping (yes, this is bringing on some more fab RA symptoms), my amazing husband brought my extra car key and the manager said they will sweep the store for them tonight and he is hopeful they will find them. #fixitjesus

Even with this latest terrible development, this morning I was so blessed to be a part of our church’s Giving Hope 2017, to help local families feel the love of Jesus as they have wonderful Christmas celebrations together.

My tiny part was to get to spend time with the little ones while their parents were gathering gifts. What a joy for me!

I think the Lord knew I would be sliding into home all kinds of banged up this week and I would need this so much.

And, in a few hours, after a smallish nap, I’ll be going back for our regular service and to serve with my littles in my class. Oh my heart.

Tonight, after we all finally got settled (it took awhile; my sweet husband has been doing SO SO much in our home as a result of this latest development), I sat down for my quiet time and this was the first verse for today:

God’s timing never fails.

And I was thinking, as I’ve been reading, and loving, Ann Voskamp’s work so much lately, that I just know that God has a purpose in all of this.

I don’t yet know what it is.

But I will continue to write and share in the hopes that maybe it will be an encouragement to someone else who is going through struggles as well and walking what Ann calls #thebrokenway.

Now I am off for a nap.

Today I’m praying for found car keys, looking forward to Church Day, and sending a big Who Dat to my beloved New Orleans Saints.

I may be sliding into home plate really banged up this week but I made it.

Now it’s time to rest up and try again next week.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Grace and blessings.

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