it’s a spoonie’s life

Due to some sort of glitch in my doctor’s e-script system, the refill I requested earlier this week of one of my non-narcotic, routine nerve pain medications that at least helps the incredible burning pain in my spine and knees was sent in but not received by my pharmacy.

When I called my doctor’s office, his nurse called me back to tell me the prescription had been sent in.

When I called the pharmacy, they said they were trying to reach my doctor but having difficulty.

The result of this confusion? Having abruptly run out of this scheduled medication – in the midst of a flare for which I just today started ANOTHER high dose steroid taper – my knees were burning in a manner I don’t even know how to describe and my spine was on fire as well.

There was nothing I could do or take or try to make it any better.

Finally, near closing, with no help in sight from the doctor’s office, the pharmacist decided to give me enough medication for the weekend until we could reach my doctor on Monday and sort this out.

That was shortly before 7PM.

Now it is 3:15 AM.

As I have warned my patients for years as a nurse, once pain reaches crisis level, it is difficult to get back under control, but I am making progress slowly.

I have gotten back on track with my medication schedule and am taking the high dose prednisone taper.

And, with the taper, a problem has come along as well.

I am supposed to be checking my blood sugar more often than I do because of my steroid therapy, and had determined to be more mindful of it in the new year, so I checked it tonight. Mine tends to bottom out and – without steroids – usually won’t go above 85.

Today it was 244. I could have hit the floor.

So, I will be going low carb with my Daniel Plan right away as I don’t see an end to this steroid business anytime soon and my body can’t heal with blood sugars like that.

What. A. Day.

Even on the worst days, God sends us help though.

As I was sitting in the car outside the pharmacy while Sara ran in for me because the knee blaze was too much for me (during our first trip, with no nerve meds retrieved), my bestie appeared unexpectedly outside my window and just totally made my day (I just lubs her).

And my better half brought me flowers (my fave) and we had a great evening, despite the pains (I just lubs him too).

And I’ve been working on oil stuff and coaching business stuff and having such positive things beginning right now is helping me so much.

Tomorrow is a busy day, with school work (that has NOT been done with kids out of school and illnesses and flares) and business stuff and even some nurse-y course work that has to be done over the weekend. Lots going on.

So I am going to fill the diffuser and try to get comfy for the night. My boys are already snoozing away.

I am hoping and praying that tomorrow will be a brighter one!

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.






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