on broken feets and birthdays

As I wrote in my previous post, I was REALLY upset about this perma-broken foot situation. Anybody would be.

However, I’ve had some time to rest and enjoy home time with my better half working on the Hippie Hut and gathering my thoughts and I am in a much better place now in my head and heart.

First, I saw this yesterday, when I was scrolling through Pastor Rick Warren’s Facebook page:

And I know that it is true.

Too, I know that, just as I was distraught initially when I had to stop working as a nurse, but I slowly began to see other things unfolding, I am certain that this will be used somehow for good as well.

As I will already be a non-traditional health coach, working with autoimmune disease, perhaps this is just another way in which I can be more empathic and helpful to the people I serve.

And since my big goals this year are to finish nutrition school, focus on my health coaching business, and start writing my book, my foot is not going to stop me from doing any of those things.

So ’tis time to calm down.

And I have.

Something bigger that has been on my mind though, as I really start to focus on setting my health goals (it’s been a little too crazy around here to get started before now), is my upcoming birthday.

I’ll be 39 in 9 days.

Not only does that not bother me in the least, but I am seriously considering going to the “month-long celebration” model that some of my friends have adopted next year as sick as I’ve been.

I am profoundly grateful for this birthday and pray for many more.

In addition to praying for more though, I know that the best thing to do is to commit now to a complete program to improve my health as much as I possibly can because both my disease process and my medication regimen are really hard on my body in their own special ways.

But even they are not insurmountable obstacles.

It’s just time to be even more proactive.

So, like a good health coach, I’m going to start coaching myself first.

I also gave our daughter, Sara, my word that I would participate with her in her month-long health program that she is doing for school starting Monday.

And I will – in a modified, one-footed, autoimmune way.  (We do what we can.)

And, like every challenge in life, I’m just going to keep pushing forward and working towards my new goals and plans.

The broken foot may slow me down but it won’t stop me.

As for today, it’s Church Day AND Saint’s Playoff Day so it’s an excellent one.

It’s time to get ready for church service and my precious babies and then my Saints play at 3:30.

Be well, everybody, and Who Dat!

Grace and Blessings.





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