when spoonies get regular people sick

So, today I’m writing from my quarantined spot in my bedroom, keeping the plague I woke up with to myself (I hope) and trying everything I know to manage some gnarly symptoms and get well.

See, last week, our eldest came home with the flu. And I treated her and she is now recovered and even out running the track. And I was so relieved that the rest of us missed it (I thought).

And, yesterday, my husband and I went to Tuscaloosa, and had to the best day, getting to use his Christmas basketball tickets at the Alabama/Mississippi State Game:

We got to see all the new things on campus:

I even finally got to take my picture with Big Al (yes, that was important to me):

And, then, this morning, when I woke up for church, I had a fever, headache, sinus and chest congestion, and my body was on fire. So, no church for me.

Like everything else, even having the flu is more complex for spoonies.

Since I’m on immunosuppressants, I do have to be vigilant for symptoms of pneumonia or other infections developing. As a nurse, I am comfortable monitoring myself for those.

It’s the other issues that are really unpleasant right now.

Because I am fighting a nasty infection, it has triggered my RA and my joints have become inflamed, particularly my ankles and my right hip:

My ankles are so painful and tender that it is just miserable to walk today.

Also, the normal side effects of my medications – like stomach upset – combined with a virus are hideous – ’nuff said.

And, while I still seem to be on the worsening side of this, I looked at the weather and saw this:

Thunderstorms and a cold front. Yippee!

Also, with immunosuppresants, it takes longer – sometimes much longer – to heal from an infection.


So, I am in bed for the next several days I’m sure, with the best nurse in the land by my side:

I am pushing fluids, taking Emergen-C, taking ALL the cold meds, diffusing Theives, and sleeping and reading lots. And walking as little as possible. And keeping my feet and ankles up.

It’s just another one of those not-fun spoonie things. A week-long flu can trigger a month-long flare. It stinketh.

So tonight I am going to revisit my sweet Sara Frankl’s book, Choose Joy, and remember this:

And it will be okay.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.

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